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Candy And Married Life

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"Oh, how perfectly lovely!" said the girl in tho pink dross. "I do so dote on candy. " "EspeciaUy chocolate nougat, " declared the yoniig woman in white. "It is just toosweet for anything. " "Where did you get them? Was it Gharley or Bob?" "It was Charley," replied the girl with the box in her hand. "He always has the nicest candy." "But you like Bob best?" ' ' Agnes, dear, you are entirely too inqnisitive." "You mustn't get married if you like candy." "What has tbat to do with it?" "Didn't you ever bear that the men who buy candy bofore you get married never buv you any after they are married?" "ís tbat so?" "That's what the papers say. " "Poohl I dou't believa a worrl of it! But, then, that's just like some of the horrid men. I know one who won't do it." "Oh, I say, girls. What luck! Here comes Maud. We!ll ask her about it. " "You'd never daré." "Wouldn't I, though?" Maud drew near, and all the girJs giggled merrily. "Oh, Maud, yon're roarried, aren't you?" "Why, what a silly question! Were not you one of the bridesmaids?" "Oh, yes, we all saw her, and she looked just perfectly killiug. " "WelJ, I wanted to ask you a question. ' ' "Certaiuly, dear. What is it?" "Well, does Dick buy you any oandy now that you are married? You know he used to buy you lots of it - wholo candy stores ful] - before. " "Ño, he doesn't. " "What did I tell you?" exclaimed the girl in pink. "It is just what I said." "Well, maybe they are not all like Dick." "What do you mean?" exclaimed Maud. "I never did see sucn a girl. Why didu't you let me finish saying what I wanted to say? I was going to say somothing and you broke right in. I was going to say that he doesn't buy any candy because I don't want him to. What's his is mine, and I just take his money and buy it whenever I want it. It is a much better arrangement, too, for I buy the kind I like and he seldom did."-


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