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Is The Sun Burning Up?

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Thousands of c.urious and ingenious tbeories bave been advanced fco account i for the effect tbat the sun, although be has whirled bis burning disk aorosa the heavens for untold ages, continuos te ' burn without being consritnèd or his bulk being lesseued in the least. Some j of onr most learned astronomen) believe, or preteud to believo, that the great orb ; is a ball of gas, but even a great globe : of gas would be oonsumed to its utmost atom ia the courso of a few thoufuwd years. Others say that firos are kept up by the burniug of the remains of wreoked worlds whioh are constantly falling into its mysterious, burniug depths. But even this seems far from probable, aud those who take an opposite view doolare that it is a monstronsly absurd ooncluBion. In summing uphisopiuion on the last conclusión one of the most eminent astronomers of tbe day has figured that x mountain range consistí ng of 176 enbio miles could fall into the sun and yet not furnish fnel enough to keep up the present rate of heat for a singla second, and that a mass equal to our earth wonld only furnish heat for 93 years. If these conclusiona are correot, we may well ask, Of what wonderful, indestructible snbstance is our great light giver coiu posea r-


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