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Christmas Handkerchiefs

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BÜSY STORE VJ - OF- Scharer&Millen. 'n The Most Popular of & I all Ghristxnas Gift: s, jm k Tüonsanfls 10 Jk JVjL Select myg&gr For Ladies, Gentlemen and Êm&Ww Cliildren at 3c, 5c, 8c and 10c. WW CHRISTMAS APRONS; io Doz. White Lawn Aprons with wide tucks at i2c each. Nurses' and Maids' extra large size Aprons at 25c each. Large Size Hernstitched and Swiss Embroidered Aprons, 25c. Ribbon Triramed Swiss Aprons at 50c each. " Bretelle " Aprons, the latest fad, at 50c, 85c and $1. 25 Doz. Gingham Aprons at 10c each. CHRISTMAS UMBRELLAS, For Ladies and Men, in gold and silver trimmed handles, artistic designs, at 98c, $1.50, $2.00 and $2.50. 100 Girls' and Boys' Umbrellas at 59c each. Umbrella Sets for gentlemen, walking stick "and umbrella to match, at $2.50 and #3.00 a set. 250 Mil! Ends and Remnants of Table Linen, all go to make a useful present. At Half Price. Infantsi Eiderdown Cloaks, trimmed with fur, at $1.98, $2] o and $2.75. Ladies' Cloth Jackets, for Christmas, at $3.75, $5 and $7. Misses' Cloth Jackets at $2.50, $2.75 and $3.50. What s all I Buy for Christmas? Come and see us. We wil! teil you. SCHAIRER & MILLEN ;!L niairity" trJ l'"1TKTiBMWWripnffff;waggaiaBilll''l'MTlfllffc;


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