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The vork of sendiĆ¼g off Christmas presents at the Anu Arbor post offioe has already been commenced, those now baiug sent going to the far westers states c.r to Europe. There are a few little hints about doiDg np Christmas presents which may be of servioe to our readers. Don't paste any paper for the address ot auy otber purpose over the string with which yon tie the package, nuless you wish to pay letter postage, whiob is twioe as high as merohandise. Letter postage is two cents au nunoe, merchandise one ceut and books and priuted matter one-balf oent per ouuce. K you put aoy little artiole iu with the book yon seud it will subject the whole to the rnerohandise rates, or twioe as ranch. Better seud books by themselves. Dou't put any letter in with your Christmas presents without saying so, as it makes you liable to a $10 fiue for endeavoring to cheat Uuele Sam out of his just dues. To secure the laost care in handling your gifts, put either a special delivery stamp on or register the package. Either will make sure of its going iu the ponches with the letters iustead of being thrown arouud iu the saoks with books, or otber heavy artioles. Both the sneoial delivery aud the registry system have their own advautages. If you oan afford it, it is well to use them both on the same paokage. When a package is registered, the sending post office puts an extra wrapper arouud it aDd its safe delivery is assured, a receipt ooining back from tbe party addressed. For very email paokages of auy value whatever, the registry system shuuld always be used to ensure agaiust the loss ot tbe little paekages, which are somuch more liablo to be overlnoked. T'.in special delivery stamp ensnres the package uing on the flrst train and its delivery at the house as soou as it reaches the office ot destinatiou. The big packages are not delivered in the larger cities uuless tbis stamp is on, except to callers at the package Windows. The special delivery scamp secures a package going with the letters in a letter pouch, in the speed iest possible inannec and its immediate deliv.ery. If put ou a registered Jetter or package ir also secures the immediate delivery of that by the special delivery messenger.


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