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BOOKS! BOOKSÜ BOOKSÜ! " Now cheaply bought for thrice their weight in gold." Books for everybody. The largest collection in the city of illustrated Holiday Books, Standard, Miscellaneous, Religious and Juvenile Books. Books in Sets. Booklets and Calenders. Toy Books and Games. Teachers' and Family Bibles. Episcopal Prayer Books and Hymnals. Catholic Prayer Books. STANDARD SETS. Shakespeare's complete works, 4 vols. . . $ ? 00 Prescott's Conquest of Peru, 2 vols "75 Prescoti 's Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols 95 n Mysteries of Paris, 2 vols " ' 90 f Dumas' Works, fine edition, 6 vols. ... 6 00 n Emerson's Essays, 2 vols ','." ' .... ' 90 t Gibbon's Roman Empire, 3 vols . .!!!!!!! 1 50 Josephus' Works, 3 vols '."".'. 1 85 Carlyle's Essays, 4 vols ............. . 2 90 Wandering Jew, 2 vols 90 Plutarch's Lives, 3 vols ....'. .,.". 2 00 Marie Corelli's Works, 6 vols 150 Cooper's Leather Stocking Tales, 5 vols 2 15 Cooper's Sea Tales, 5 vols 2 15 Jane A.ustin's Works, 6 vols ;'..... 4 10 Scbiller's Works, 4 vols 3 20 McCarthy 's History of our own Times, 2 vols 2 50 Rawiinson's Seven Great Monarchies, 3 vols 2 10 1 Fielding's Tom Jones, 2 vols 90 1 Edmond Burk's Complete Works, 12 vols 9 75 1 Parkman's Cemplete Works, 12 vols ■ 12 00 Hawthorn's Complete Works, 8 vols 8 00 1 George Elliot's Complete Works, 6 vols 1 44 1 Dickens' Complete Works, IS vols 3 60 j Thackery's Complete Works, 15 vols 2 40 Scott's Complete Works, 11 vols 2 75 Bulwer Lytton's Complete, 12 vols ,. 4 68 Irving's Complete, 6 vols 2 00 Macaulay's England, 5 vols 1 35 Conquest of Mexico, 3 vols 95 Grote's History of Greece, 4 vol5 2 75 Ruskin's Works, 15 vols , 10 20 Geike's .Hours with the Bible, 3 vols ! , 2 35 Memories of Napoleon Bonaparte, 4 vols 4 15 Goethe's Works, 5 vols, naorocco 5 50 Ramband's History of Russia, 3 vols 3 45 'Carlyle's Frederick the Great, 4 vols 2 95 Ruskin's Modern Painters, 5 vols 3 50 Green's History-of the English People, 5 vols 2 15 Coirelli's Works, 5 vols 1 20 Cooper's Sea Tales, 5 vols 2 00 Geikie's Hours with the Bible, 6 vols 5 60 Bryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols 2 50 Jule Verne's Works. 5 vols 1 20 Conan Doyle's Works, 5 vols 1 20 Charlotte Bronte's Works, 6 vols 3 4)8 J. M. Barrie's Works, 5 vols 1 25 1 Belles Lettres Series, Carefully printed on fine laid paper, with portrait of author ín each volumellandsomely bound in White and Gold 2c. 1 Independence Day. Rev. Edward E. Hale. 2 The Scholar in Politics, Hou. Richard Olney. , 3 The Young Man in Business, Edward W. Bok. 4 The Young Man and the Churcb, Edward W. Bok. ] 5 The Spoils Systein, Hon. Cari Schurz. 6 Conversation. Thomas De Quincey. 7 Sweetness and Light, Matthew Arnold. 9 Nature and Art, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 10 The Use and ftlisuse of Books, Frederic Harrison. 11 The Monroe Doctrine: lts Origin, Meaning and Application, Prof. John Bach McMaster (Univ. Penn.) 12 The Destiny of Man, Sir. John Lubbock. 13 Love and Friendship, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 14 Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving. 15 Art, Poetry and Music, Sir John Lubbock. 16 The Choice of Books, Sir John Lubbock. 17 Manners, Ralph Waldo Emeraon. 18 Character, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 19 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving. 20 The Beauties of Nature, Sir John Lubbock. 21 Self Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 22 The Duty of Happiness, Sir John Lubbock. 23 Spiritual' La ws, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 24 Old Christmas, Washington Irving. 25 Health, Wealth and the Blessing of Friends, Sir John Lubbock. 26 Intellect, Ralph Waldo Emerson. 27 Why Americans Dislike England, Prof. Geo. B. Adams (Yale). 28 The High er Education as a Training tor Business, Prof. Harry Pratt Judson (Univ. of Chicago). The Bternal Life Series, Finely printed on extra laid paper, with portrait of author in each volume, llandsomely bound in full White, Silver and Ink. Per volume 25c. 1 Eternal Life, Henry Drummond. 2 Loid, Teach us to Pray, And re w Murray 3 God's Word and God's Work, Martin Lutlier. 4 Faith, Thomas Arnold. 5 The Creation Story, William E. Gladstone. 6 The Message of Comfort, Ashton Oxendoii. 7 The Message of Peace, R. W. Cliurch. 8 The Lord's Prayer and the Ten Commandments, Dean stanley. 9 The Memoirs of Jesus, Robert F. Horton. 10 Hymns of Praise and Gladness, Eüzabetb R. Scovil. 11 The Ethica of Gambling, W. Douglass MacKeuzie. 12 Gamblers and Gambling, H. W. Beecher. 13 Have Faith in God, Andrew Murray. 14 Twelve Causes of Dishonesty, II. W. Beecher. 15 The Christ in Whoui Christians Believe, Phillips Brooks. 16 In My Name, Andrew Murray. 17 Six Warnings. H W. Beecher. 18 The Duty of the Christian Business Man, Phillips Brooks. 19 Popu ar Amusements, EL W. Beecher. 20 True Liberty Phillips Brooks. 21 Industry and Idleness, II. W. Beecher. 22 The Beauty of a Life of Service, Phillips Brooks. 23 The Second Coming of Our Lord, Dr. A. T Pieraon. 24 Thought and Action, Phillips Brooks Devotional Series. 40c. Each. Full White Vellum, handsome and appropriate designing in silver aud monotint, boxed. 1 Kept for the Master's Use, Francis Ridley Haverga . 2 My King and His Services, Francis Ridley Bayergal, 3 My Pointof View, Selections trom Drummond's Works. 4 Of the Imitation of Christ, Thomas A'Keinpis. 5 Addresses, Henry Drummond. 6 Natural Lavv in; the Spiritual World, Henry Drummond. 7 Addresses, Rt. Rev. Phillips Brooks. 8 Abide in Christ, Rev. Andrew Murray. 9 Like Christ, Rev. Andrew Murray. 10 With Christ, R.ev. Andrew Murray. 11 Holy in Christ, Rev. Andrew Munay. 12 The Manliness, of Christ, Thomas Hughes. 13 Lecturesto Yo.nng Meo, Rev. Henry War; Beecher. 14 The Pathway ff Safety, Rt. Rev. Ashton Oxenden. 15 The Christian f.ife, Rt. Rev. Ashton Oxenden. 16 The Throne of, Grace. 15 SSaïJ'g&ÏS1?. Holy Scrlpture, W. E. Gladstone. 9 Steps the Blessed Life. Rev. F B. Meyer. 20 John Ploughman'sTalks. Rev. Charles Spurgeon. 21 John Ploughman'8 Pictures, Rev. Charles Spurgeon. 22 The Message (f! Peace, Rev. R. W. Church. - ' " Young People's Library, 25c. Eaeli A new series of choice literature for children, selected f rom the best and tost popular works. Hándsomely printed on line super-calendered paper ■om large clear type and profusely illustrated, by the most famous artista, laking the handsornest and most attractive series of juvenile classics before ie public. In a uniform size- square I61110. l The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 72 illustrations. .atlk Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 42 illustrations. 8 i Through the Looking Glass and What Alice found there, KfT 'L t Bunyan'sPilgrim'sProeress, 46 illustrations. i A Child's Story of the Bible, 72 illustrations. k!IÍSÍJMi i A Child's Story of Christ, 49 illustrations. feBIS 7 iESop's Fables, 02 illustrations. T ïïaW ' i Swiss Family Robinson, 50 illustrations. MM v9$]sQS 3 Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America, 70 M ) Exploration and Adventure in África, 80 illustrations. ■& 1 Gulliver's ïravels, 50 illustrations. pij t ï Mother Goose Rhymes, Jingles and Stories, 234 9& tions. 3 Li ves of the presidents of the United States, with portraits and illustrations. Í The Story of the Frozen Seas. 70 illustrations. 'iue English cloth, new, orininal designs in silver and colora. No two designs alike. The Fairy Library. Ornamental Cloth, 12xtra Illustrated, Price 5Oc per Volume. S0k The lied Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang, with fSï nnmerous illustrations by H. J. Ford and Lancelot Speed, gS ,,.Vv cloth. fejjtT .V' J&-y The Blue Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang, with Wf numerous illustrations by H. J. Ford and G. P. Hood, cloth Sï'fi- ' ;' The Green Fairy Book, edited by Arulrevv Lang, with SÊ f f IsSSÉÈikl numerous illustrations by H. J. Ford, cloth. BI H? ÜJSIIn The Y?llow Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang, with BïfïflK lifwPl uumerousilluitrations by II. J. Ford, cloth. PP Ml OOél Anderson's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Anderson. VM m'èLM v-"'t'1 many illustrations by Öooper Edwards and others, HfWPP cloth. WiS %fcrlip Grimm's Household Fairy Tales, by the Brothers isP d sÖt!'"-J Grimm, with many illustrations by Walter Crane and WÈ WMM others, cloth. "8S Grimm, s Popular Fairy Tales, by the Brothers Grimm, vith many illustrations by Walter Crane and others, cloth. The Henty Series for Boys. Uniform Cloth Binding, Price 50c. "Wherever English is spoken one imagines that Mr. al Elenty's name is kriown. One cannot enter a schoolroom „(■■i"'1"""'"" r look at a boy's bookshelf without seeing half a dozen of M lis familiar volumes. Mr. Henty is 110 doubt the mosi pB ülj iuecessful vvriter for boys, and the one to whose new vol Cl.'.v4[(Áj jmes they look forward every Christmas with most pleas M}Wm ire." - Review of Reviews. InS üSsséSÈ Bonnie Prince Charlie: A Tale of Fontenoy and Cul PffTI oden. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by Gordoi.3 WitiiClive in India; or, The Beginnings of m Em f lllÍlÍÍl!lf )ire. By G. A. Heaty. With Illustrations by Gordoi The Dragon and the Haven, or, The Days of King Al S iêUllliS- 'red. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by C, J. Stan E W0" The Young Carthaginian : A Story of the Times of Hannibal. By G. A Henty. With Illustrations by C. J. Staniland, R. I. The Lion of the North: A Tale of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars of iteligion. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by John Schoenberg. With Lee in Virginia. A Story of the American Civil War. By G. A Henty. With Illustrations by Gordon Bvowne. By England's Aid: or, The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604). By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by Alfred Pearse. By Pike and Dyke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic. By G. A. Elenty. With Illustrations by Maynard Brown. Captain Bayley's Heir: A Tale of the Gold Fields of California. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by H. M. Paget. Under Drake's Flag. A Tale of the Spanish Main. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by Goulon Browne. In Freedoin's Cause: A Story of Wallace and Bruce. By G. A. Henty. With lllustrations by Gordon Browne. In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy. By G. A. Henty. With Illustrations by John Schoenberg. True to the Oíd Flag: A Tale of the American War of Independence. With 12 Illubtrations by Gordon Browne. With Wolfe in Canada; or, The Winning of tbe Cantinent. With 11 page Illustrations by Gordon Browne. By Right of Conquest. or, With Cortez in Mexico. With 6 page Illustrations by w. s. Stacey. St. George for England: A Tale of Cressy and Poitiers. With 8 page IIlustr.vtions by Gordon Browne. The Bravest of the Brave: With Peterborough in Spain. With 8 page Illustrations by H. M. Paget. For Name and Fame. or, Through Afghan Passes. With 8 page Illustrations by Gordon Browne. The Cat of Bubastes; A Story of Ancient Egypt. With 5 page Illustrations by J. R. Weguelin. For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem. With 10 page Illustrations by S. J. Solomon. The "Little Women" Series Price 5Oc Each. ..-, m A series of most delightf ui stories for young girls. Se Bss&0f!-riïi' Ifcied fioiii the best known writers for children. These M stories are narrated in a simple and lively f as ion that canS;s íj not but prove irresistible with the lit Ie ones, while S-l Pi throughout the volumes there is a comprehension of and 1 1 JÍ sympathy with child thought and leeling tliat isalmostas Ml' w H rare out of books as in. These stories are sunny, interestT % ti Sil ing, and thoroughly winsome and wholesome. Üflra JÜf Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. By Lewis Carrol. Bálr 'í With 42 Illustrations by John Tenniel. Cloth. Hl?!" Wi Adventures of a Brownie, asTold te My ('hild. I!y Mist lllïf &$Í Mulock. Illnstrated. Cloth. KL. M0 Cuckoo Clock, The. By Mrs. Molesworth. With 7 IIM" lustratlons by Walter Crane. Cloth. ü Down the Snow Stairs. By Alice Corkran. With 60 II lustrations by Gordon Browne. Cloth. Little Lame Prince, The. By Miss Mulock. Illustrated. Cloth. Little Miss Joy. By Emma Marshall. Illustrated. Cloth Little Miss Peggy. Only a Nursery Story. By Mrs. Molesworth. Witli 13 Illustrations by Walter Crane. Cloth. Little Princess of Tower Hill. By L. T. Meade. Hlustrated. Cloth. Little Rosebud. or, Things Will Take a Turn. By Beatrice Harraden, IllustrHted. Cloth. Little Sunshine's Holiday. By Miss Mulock. Illustrated. Cloth. One of a Covey. By the author of "Honor Bright." With 19 Illustrations by H J. A. Miles'. Cloth. Rosy. By Mrs. Molesworth. With 8 Illustrations by Walter Crane Cloth. Sweet Content. By Mrs. Molesworth. With 20 Illustrations by W. Rainey Cloth. Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There. By Lewi: Carrol. With 50 Illustrations by John Tenniel. Cloth. Cable, George W. Tohn March, Southerner, 12mo $ 1 25 1 Bonaventure. A Pióse Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana, 12mo. Paper, 50c; cloth 1 25 j Dr. Sevier, 12mo '. 1 25 rhe Grandissimes. A Story of Creóle Life, 12mo. Paper 50c; cloth 125 I Oíd Creóle Days, 12mo 1 25 ' átrange True Stories of Louisiana. With illustrations and fac-simile reproductions, 12mo. 1 25 I STew Uniform Edition ot' above vols. in a box .' 7 50 Madame Delphine '. 75 1 The Same, 16mo 75 The Creóles oí Louisiana. lllustrated from drawingsby Pennell. Square, 12mo 2 50 IJ Oíd Creóle Days. Carneo Edition. With an etching by Percy Morgan, 16mo 1 25 Oíd Creóle Days. 2 vols., lOmo, paper, each 30 New Books by Ian Maclaren. Kate Carnegie. With 50IUustrations by F. C. Gordon, 12mo $ 1 25 Ian Maclaren's íirst novel. The scène is "Drumtochty," and man y of the charaeters in "Beside the Bonnie Brier Brush" and "In the Days of Anld Lang Syne'' reappear in its pages. The Cure of Souls. Being the Lyman Beecher Lectures on Practical J Theology, 8vo 1 25 Chief Contonts: The Genesis of i Sermón- The Technique ola Sermón - Problems of Preaching - Theology the Theory of Religión- The New Dogma- The Machinery of a The Work of a Pastor - The Public Worship of God - The Minister'a Care of Himself. The Upper Room. In "Little Books on Religión" Sirses, net 50 The chapters of the book aie all the more effeetive because they are strongly marked by the qtialitiesol mind and skill which have gained their author his conspicuous suecess in another departinent of literature. The Mind of the Master 1 25 "N'ó history of Jesús, no series of sermona on tlie nature of religión aud the destiny of the human race, évei gave to the world a more consistent revelation of the simplicity of the laws of God, of the swe-tness of the characUr of Christ, or ever offered-so allurlng apath forman to follow. It is calcuiated to eatablish an epoeh in the history of Christianity." - Commercial Advertiser. Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush 25 The Days of Auld Lang Syne 1 25 lllustrated' Holiday Editions of both the above books. Kach with 75 reproductions of photographs taken in Drumtochty by Cliiton Johnson. In decoi'ated cloth bindlncs, with gilt top, each 1 75 Fireside Series for Girls. Uniform Cloth Binding-. lllustrated. Price 5Oc Each. A carefully selected series of books for girls written by authors of aeknowledged reputation. The stories are deeply interesting in themaelves, and have a moral charm that emanates from the principal charaeter. They teach without preaching, are of lively interest throughout, and will win the hearts of all girl readers. Estber. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. Illnstrated. A World of Girls: The Story of a School. By L. T. Meade. lllustrated. The Heir of Redclyffe. By Charlotte M Youge. lllustrated. The Story of a Short Life." By Juliana Hóratia Ewing. lllustrated. A Sweet "Girl Gradúate. By L. T. Meade. lllustrated. Our Bessie. By llosa Nouchette Carey. lllustrated. _ Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls. Juliana Hora ti a Ewing. IllustfatedT' The Dove in the Eagle'sNest. Bv Charlotte M. Yonge. Illustrated. Gianetta: A Girl s Story of Herself, By Roía Miüholland. lllustrated Jan of the Windmili: A Story of the PUins. By Juliana Horatia Ewü'gIllustrated. Averil. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. Illustrated. Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Two volumes in one. By Lewis Carroll. Illustrated. Merle's Crnsade. By Rosa Nouchette Carey. Illustrated. Girl Neighbor; or, The Old Fashi u and the New. By Sarah Tytler. Illustrated. Polly: A New Fashioned Girl. By L T. Meade. lllustrated. Aunt Diana. By Rosa N. Carey. Illustrated. The Water Babiès: A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby. By Charles Kingsley. lllustrated. At the Back of the North Wind. By George. MacDonald. Illuatrated. The Chaplet of Pearls; or, The White and Black Ribaumont. By Charlotte M. Yonge. IlluBtrated. The Days of Bruce: A Story of Scottish History. By Grace Aguilar. IIluftrated. The Palace Beatitiful: A Story for Girls. - Bv L T. Meade. Lllustrated. Margery Merton's Girlhood. liy Alice Corkran lllustrated. Three Bright Girls: A btory of Chance and Miscliance. By Annie E. Armstrong. lllustrated. Pythia's Pupils: The Story of a School. By Kva Hartner. Illu3trated. The Lady of the Forest: Á Story for Girls. By L T. Meade Illustrated Field, Bugene. Songs of Childhood. American sung writers and oiher distinguisheil compose s $' Songs ana Other Verse 12mo 1 2i A cond Book of Tales. 12mo 1 25 The Iloly Cross and Other Tales. Being a New Edition with üve Additional Tales, lamo 1 25 The House. The Episode in the Lives of Rueben Baker, Astronomer, and of his Wile Alice, 12mo 1 25 The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac. With an Inirodiietioii by Roswell Martin Field, 12mo 1 25 A Little Book of Prolitable Tales. Hímo 1 26 The Same. Carneo Edition. With an Etched Portiait by W. II. W. Bicknell, Iftno 125 A Little Book of Western Verse, 16mo 1 25 Seeond Book of Verte, 18nio .' 1 25 With Trumpet and Drum, 16mo l 09 Love-Songs of Childhood. 16mo 1 00 Field Flowers 1 00 Some of the Most Popular Books of the Day The Murder of Delicia. By Corelli $ 1 2MM Vendetta. By Corelli ■ Barabbas. Bv Corelli I Cameos. By Corelli il A lame Surrender. Captain King , . . VP Sir George Tressady. Mis. Ward . X . . .' 1 (iü Quo Vadis 1 -; Sentimental Tommy. By Barrie 1 ii M is C'litï's Yacht. By Stocton 1 25 A Singular Life. By Phelps : 1 2ó King Noanette. By Stimson 1 60 The Seats ot' the ilighty. By Parker 1 25 The Heart of Piincess Osra By Anthony Hope l 25 The Prisoner of Zanda. By Anthony Hope 75 The Gray Man. By Crockett 1 25 Checkers. By Blossom 1 25 Artie. By Geo. Ade 1 "5 The Damnation of Theron. By Ware 1 25 House Boat on the Styx. By Banks 1 25 A Lady of Quality. By Burnett 1 25 Tagnisara. By Crawfoid 1 (0 Kate Carnegie. By McClaren 1 25 Sweetheart Travellee. By Cvockett 1 25 A Rebellious Heroine. By Banks 1 25 T All mail orders will receive our careful and prompt attention. Corresponderse invited. r tt om ( T - A f 1 f 1ZD Publisher, Bookseller and Stationer, Importer of Ijy }A J r L7 i VV l llV, ' Foreign Books and Feriodicals. .ifii TDCC. Down Town, 4 North Main St.,OppositeCourt House. A Tin ík -rgv TVTili TWO Si I OKESï University ook Store, 20 South State St. -ÍXHH JX DOr, 1TX.1CJ1.


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