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Goveruor-elecfc Piugree spent $4,356 to ...

Goveruor-elecfc Piugree spent $4,356 to ... image
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Goveruor-elecfc Piugree spent $4,356 to get nleoted to that, position. As .the goveruor's salary wiïl be 4,000 a year, it is uot likely that he will save ïnuch 1 duriug Iris two years' term of office. A Harbor Springs paper says an oíd inan who lost his vote by marking a cross under both the republioan and silver tickets, explained his mistake by saying: "Wall, thny tol' me thet one ticket wnz fer gold an' t'other fer silver, an, ez I wanted both, I voted th' two tickets straight, b'gosh!" The Hndson Gazette says: "If Mnskegon, Monroe, Ann Arbor and a half dozen other places in this state nsed the Abbott voting machine, they would have eaved the tronble and expense of tbe reconnt now going on. It yon want to avoid all chances for mistakes in tbe future, and bave the result annouuced as soon as the polls are closed, nse tbe Abbott. Money wonldn't tempt our oitizens to go back to the old manner of voting."


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