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Full excerpts from President Cleveland's last aannal message will be found in other oolnmns of the Argns. Ifc shonld be carefnlly read. It has been prepared with care, is olear, patriotio and able. The whole Cuban war is carefully snmmed np and tbe exact condition of affairs in tbat nnhappy island ie plainly stated. The presidesnt's concise and able reasoning carries conviction that the United States' is taking the proper course in dealing with the affairs of that nnhappy island. An nnprejudiced observer must admit the stroug Amerieanisin wbicb permeates the president's state papers, and tne high Standard set for the inooming president. JThe Venezuelan matters are practioally settled and settled by the clear reoogniztion of the Monroe doo4rinfi„ This doctrine applies to Cnba and the President gives warning that no Eoropean power but Spain will be allowed to interfere with Cnba. When Spain's inability to snppress the ïnsurrection has become manifest, he points out that it will be the dnty of the Dnited States to interfere. In the meantime a strong effort is being made to secure the settlement of the war by the giviug of genuine home rule to the Cabana. The president's remarks upon trosfcs will strike a responsivo chord in the hearts of the American people. In disonssiug financial affaire, he demands that the government shall 'abandon the banking business and the accumulations of fnnds, and confine its monetary operatioiis to the reoeipt of the money contribnted by the people for its support and to the expenïiture of snch money for the people's benefit." This view will ootnmeud itself to the cominon senseof the American people. To oarry it into effeot wonld require a considerable change in our present finanoial system, a system whioh will continue to give rise to finanoialagitations, until it is oorrectly settled. There are very many other matters treated of in this message wbich are ■worthy of carefal oonsideration.


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