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Venzuelan Boundary Question

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The Venezuelan boundary question has ceased to be a matter of difference between Great Britain and the United States, their respective governments having agreed upon the substantial provisions of a treaty between Great Britain and Venezuela submitting the whole controversy to arbitration. The provisions of the treaty are so eminently just and fair, that the assent of Venezuela thereto may confidently be anticipated. Negotiations for a treaty of general arbitration for all differences between Great Britain and the United States are far advanced and promise to reach a successful cansummation at an early date. With the foregolng the whole subject is dismissed and the president takes up the subject of reform in the consular service, which he advocates on merit system lines, and also urges the providing of residences for our ambassadors abroad. Then he takes up the seal question and says: We have during the past year labored faithfully and against unfavorable conditions to secure better preservation of seal life in the Behring sea. Both the United States and Great Britain have lately dispatched commissioners to these waters to study the habits and condition of the seal herd and the causes of their rapid decrease. Upon the reports of these commissioners, soon to be submitted, and with the exercise of patience and good sense on the part of all interested parties, it Is earnesüy hoped that hearty co-operation may be secured for the protection against threatened extinction of seal life in the northern Pacific and Behring sea.


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