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The statistics of national income and outgo, etc, given by the president are as follows: The secretary of the treasury reporta that during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1896, the receipta of the government ■ om all sources amounted to $409,475,■ 3.78. During the same period its exPPjnditures were $434,678,654.48, the ex'ceBa of expenditures over receipts thus amounting to $25,203,245.70. The ordinary expenditures during the year were $4,015,852.21 less than during the preceding fiscal year. Of the receipts mentloned there was derived from customs the sum of $180,021,751.67, and from infernal revenue $146,830,615.66. The re■ elpts from customs show an increase ■ f $7,863,134.22 over those from the same Hource for the flscal year ended June Ho,1895, and the receipts from internal ■revenue an Increase of $3,584,537.91. ■ The value of our imported dutialble merchandise during the last flscal year was $369,757,470, and the value of free goods imported $409,967,470, being an increase of $6,523,675 in the value of dutiable goods and $41,231,034 in the value of free gooda over the preceding year. Our jrports of merchandise. foreign and dopnestíS; tmounted in value to $882,606,938, being an increase over the precedring year of $75,068,773. The average ad valorum duty paid on dutiable goods Imported during the year was 39.94 per cent., and on free and dutiable goods taken together 20.55 per cent. The cost of collecting our internal revenue was 2.78 per cent., as against 2.81 per cent. for the fiscal year ended . June 30, 1895. The total production of distilled spirits, exclusive of fruit brandies, was 88,588,703 taxable gallons, being an increase of 6,639,108 gallons over the preceding year. There was also an increase of 1,443,676 gallons of spirits produced from fruit, as compared with the preceding year. The number of barrels of beer produced was 35,859,250, as against 33,589,784 produced in the preceding fiscal year, being an increase of 2,269,466 barrels. The total amount of gold exported during the last fiscal year was $112,409,947 and of silver $60,541,670, being an Increase of $45,941,466 of gold and $13,)246,384 of silver over the exportations of the preceding fiscal year. The imports of gold were $33,525,065 and of silver $28,777,186, being $2,589,695 less of gold and $8,566,007 more of silver than durinff the preceding year. The total stock of metallic money in the United States at the close of the last fiscal year, ended on the 30th day of June, 1896, was $1,228.326,035, of which $599,597,964 was in gold, and $628,728,071 in silver. On the lst day of November, 1896, the total stock of money of all kinds in the country was $2,285,410,590 and the amount in circulation, not lncluding that in the treasury holdings, was $1,627,055,641, being $22.63 per capita upon an estimated population of 71,902,000. The production of the precious metala in the United States during the calendar year 1895 is estimated to have been 2,254,760 fine ounces of gold, of the value of $46,610,000, and 55,727,000 fine ounces of silver, of the commercial valué of $36,445.000 and the comage value of $72,051,000. The estimated production of these metáis throughout the world during the same period was 9,688,821 fineounces ot gu}L amounting to $200,285,700 in value, amï 169,1S9,249 fine ounces of silver, of the commercial value of $110,654.000 and of the coinage value of $218,73S.100 according to our ratio. These coinage of these metáis in the varlous countries of the world during the same calendar year amounted to $232,701,438 in gold and $121,996,219 in silver. The total outstanding circulating notes of all national banks on the 31st day of October, 1896, amounted to $234,653,807, including unredeemed but fully secured notes of banks insolvent and in process of liquldatton. The increase in national bank circulation during the year ending on that day was $21,099,429. On Oct. 6, 1896, when the condition of national banks was last reported, the total resources of the 3,679 active lnstitutlons was $3,263,685,313.83, which "livcluded $1,893,268,839.31 in loans and dlscounts and $362,165,738.85 in money of all kinds on hand. Of their liabilitles $1,597,891.058.03 was due to individual depositors and $209.944,019 consisted of outstanding circulating notes.


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