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An Effective Remedy

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A charming young wornan of Detroit recently sprained hér ankle by a hasty jurup frotn her bicyole. yhe was laid np íor a couple of weeks, ilnring which time she was wholJy inoapaoitated for walking, oí' evon ridicg, boing confined 'to a sofa like the heroine in a last century uovel. Finally the family considered the sprain of encugh consequence to cali in the faniily doctor, who is a distinguish■ed surgeon. He was out of patience with anythiag so trivial as a sprain when he ■was daily concerned iu scientific operations of the most important character, .and his first performance was to give the sprained fnot a vicious twist in a urgical way to fiud out if any bones Avere broken. Then lie said : "Get up and walk!" "But, doctor, I cannot take a step. " "Get up and walk!" Tbere was ïiothing for the patiënt to -do but obey, and she stepped lamely forth. "you're not walking ; yon are limping," said the doctor. "Walk!" She ruauaged bravely to walk to the next room, and the doctor took his hat to leave. "But, doctor, you havo not given me any prescription. " "Walk, " said the doctor, "then walk. Don 't send for ine again unlesa your íoot needs amputatiug. Goodby!" Now the patiënt is walking as well ,-as she ever


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