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Positively Insulting

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A la-.vyer wnowaaengaged inscttling tip the affairs of au estáte was soinewhat worried over the loss of cortaiu letters and papers. The deoeased had been a careless person, and he had inislaid several documents that were of importance to his heirs. Having been called away froiu this earth on a hasty sunimons, he had not given the lawyer any instructions beforehand. The lawyer had a helpful friend who believed iu olairvoyancy and secoud eight. This friend went to a woman who was the seventh daughter of a seventh danghter, and who oonld read the Btars at sight, and told her of the lawyera search ior the papers. The olairvoyant or fortune teller, or whatever she niay have been, went to see the lawyer. The lawyer was skeptiqal. I really believe Í eau flnd tliese papers for you, " said she. "If you care to employ me I sliull at least endeayor to flnd thezn. A few weeks ago I fonml a lost will for a family on the aorth sid&" "Yon really thiuk you eau find these papers?" "I arn quite suis of it. " "You go ahead aud flnd them, and I'Il pay you liberal ly. " "Bvit I must receive every assistanco from you and the relativos of the departed. I must be taken to his home and put in sympathy with his fornier surroundings. " "Not much. 111 not go to all that trouble. I think you're a fraud. " The woman gavo him a stony stare and swopt out of tho room. About five minutes later she re-entered the office. She appeared to be agitated. "Excuse mo for coming back," sho said, "hut did I leave a srnall black bag in here? I wouldn't lose it for the world." "I haven"t seen it. You don't remember where you loft it?" "loan't imagine. " "That hadn't ought to worry you. If you can find papers that have been missing six months, you hadn't ought to have any difficulty in finding a handbag that was lost ten minutes ago. " "You are positively insulting, " said the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, and then she left him forever.


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