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Isaac Hall, of Manchester, fell and broke his arm, Wednesday of last week. Daniel F. Feldkamp has bought the Michael Wade farm in Sharon township for $4,750. Grove Sevoy, of Ypsilanti, receive3 $72 a raoutb as the amount of his pension for total disability. E. Dolí has purchased the O. A. Wilsey farm in Lyndon township, paying for it the smii of $3,000. About $ö,000 in pension checks are cashed every quarter at the Farmers and Mechanics Bank, in Milan. The total receipts from the receñí high school entertainment at Manchester amounted to $;i0.65 and the net proceeds were $30.30. Fred Gentner, of Lima, claims to be the champion corn Imsker of that neighborhood, having husked and crated 110 bushels of corn in one day recently. Miss Lottie Gentner whose life had been one of suffering and pain, died a her home in Lima, Sunday, Dec. 20 aged 18 years, 0 months and 18 days Herbert Glass died of consumption a Denton on Tuesday of last week. The funeral services were held Thursday He had only been married about five months. The new school building at Milan just completed, has been approved o and accepted by the board of education Ie will be occupied by the grammar department. Lewis M. Stoddard, of Milan, and Miss Gertrude C. McNamara, of CincinuiUi, Ohio, were married at the home of the groom's parents in Milan, Monday of last week. Byron W. King, president of King's School of Oratnry, Elocution and Dramatic Culture of Pittsburgh, Pa., will give an entertainment at the town hall, Chelsea, Wednesday evening, Jan. 13. A resident Gf Waterloo while driving home from Chelsea one night recently, was beid up by highwaymen, A few well directed blows from his whip drove off the men and he reached home safely. St. James' church, Dexter, now has a vested cboir. On Sunday last it rendered a fine program of rnusio at tbe morning and evening services nuder tbe directorship of Miss Stouex, who has been training it. The Pittsfield Ladies' Aid Society at its aunnal meeting elected the following officers: President, Mis. Hausoer; vice presidents, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Watling; secretary, Mrs. Finley ; treasurer, Miss Mary Crane. At the 14th CMtnniencement exercises of thn Cleary Business College, Ypsilanti, held Tuesday afternoon, 48 young men and ladies received diplomas from the institution. Of this nuruber about 40 were present to receive their certifigates ín person. Miss May Corey, formerly of Milan, and for the last two years and four montbs emplnyed in the Wayne County Asylum, has accepted the position of night nurse in a aonvalesoent hall in the Upper Península Hospital at Newberry, at an advance in salary. - Milan Leader. James Rideont, of Ypsilanti, in jail at Ann Arbor on the charge of stealing turkeys from Bert Moorman 's farm, confessed Tuesday night of last week to having stolen the birds in eonipany with "Bun" Bowles, another colored fellow who is a lover of turkey. Bowles skipped out with his plunder. Died, in Lima Center, Monday, Deo. 21, Mis. Laura F. Wheelock, wife of John Wheelock, aged 75 years, 6 mouths and 7 days. The funeral services were held at the church at Lima Center the Thursday following. Mrs. Wheelock broke her leg some two months ago, and had. been failing since that time. The Simmicolon Stock Farm company, of Ypsilanti, has secured posseesion of the famous high school horse, "Evergreen," and the champion high jumping pony, "Júpiter, " which only stands 1 3 ' .A bands high and has a reoord of clearing (i feet, 9 inches. Theses two horses have been the feature of Madame Marinette's show. - Times. Eugene B. Ford died at his home in Mooreville, Monday, Dec. 31, after a long period of fuffering from Bright's disease, aged 48 years. flis funeral was held Wednesday, and was conducted under Masonic rites by Milan Lodge, No. 323, F. & A. M., of whioh ha was junior warden, It was attended also by the Eastern Stars, Odd Fellows and Maccabees, of whioh orders he was a member. I The patrons of the Willis creamery r csived 1&% cents per pound for their batter during November. Amariah Hitchcock, of Sharon, has iost over 70 larnbs tbat he was feeding for market, all of which died frorn One unkuown cause. JoIid Friermuth will oocopy tbe Freer farm in Sylvan township, houtheast of Chelsea, this year. The neighbors of Mrs. Kraft, of Freedom, turned out one day recently and threw her 33 loada of wood. It was a kind and neighborly act. V. Q. Lutz, a resident of Lodi in the early 50'h, died at his home in Lowell, 111.. Dec. 21. He was a brother of Jacob Lutz, of Saline. William Fisher, of Ypsilanti, and Miss Blanche Taylor were married at the home of the bride's parents in Tecumseh, Wednesday evening. There are 12 apostles of the ministry, who won Id Hke to be the pastor of the Ypsüanti Congregational church. At Jeast that many have sent in their applications. Jesse Horner died at Dentón, Doe. 20, aged 84 years. Twenty years ago Mr. Horner was engaged in the clothing business in YpsilaDti, a member of the firm of Horner & Smith. John L. Holly, an old employee of the Peninsular Paper Co., at Ypsilanti, had two of his fingers badly crushed th3 other day by getting (hem in between the calendar rolla which put the fine finish on paper. The village council of Dexter is aboufc to euact a curfew ordinance wbich will prohibit children under 16 years of age froin being on tbe streets after 9 o'clock unless aocompanied by a parent or guardián. A petitíon has been circulated ainong the business raen of Dexter asking the officials of the Michigan Central to put the way freight back on its old time. The reason given is the uncertainty and delay in rpceiving goods. In tbe case of perishable goods this is especially annoying. Ed. Eves, of Hudson, was quite severely injured at the farm of Jason Hudson in Webster, Wednesday of last week. He was binding a load of hay when the binder broke, throwing him to the ground. The fall broke three of his ribs, one of which punctured his langs. He was also considerably bruised. The Saline K. O. T. M. Wednesday eveuing of last week elected the followiug offioers: Com., S. R. Crittenden; L. C. John Lutz; R. K., W. D. Mead; F. K., A. C. Clarke; Chap.. J. Kyte; M. atA., M. Koch ; lst M. of G., M. .1. W. Wheeloek; 2d M. ofG., S. Josenhans; S., W. Baily ; P. , Milton Cronisb. Milan Lodge No. 323, F. & A. M., elected officers last Friday night, Dec. 18, and on Wednesday evening of last week iusfalled them. They are as follows: Wornliipful master, O. A. Kelley; senior warden, Dr. Chapin ; junior warden, T. W. Barnes; treasurer, C. H. Wilson ; secretary, Frank Trnssell ; senior deacon, G. W. Hitchcock; junior deacon, W. A. Clark; stewards, Frank I. Ross and Charles Denon. Henry Van Riper, of Ypsilanti, started out early Christmas eve and kept getting riper and riper nntil the pólice plucked him about 11 o'clook that night. Justice Childs conldn't distribote all bis presents Ckristinas day and held tbis particular one until next morning, when be gave him 65 days in the House of Correction at Detroit fur Deing drunk and disorderly. - Times. Out at Stockbridge tbe other day a Plainfield man forgot that the railroad tan tbrough the village and drove placdly along the street oblivious to the raot that a train was whistling repeatedly to him to give it the right of way. 3is horse, howover, tnrned to one side ast enough to escape the onward rush of tbe train and the man will never be quite so careless agaiu, as even vet his iair does not comb down smooth. Norvell HawkinB, of Ypsilauti, wbo ïas served a year and nine months at iack.son prison for enabezzlernent f rom he Standard Oil company, was given ;he Christmas present he most desirpd - a pardon from Governor Rioh. He was released Thursday eveniog, Deo. 24, and at once left for Detroit to join lis wife and child He got off tbe rain at Ypsilanti and told a backnan o give bis mother the message from ïim that he wished her a merry Christmas and would be out to see her tbis week. At the annual meeting of Saline Hive L. O. T. M., tbe foilowing officers were elected: Past lady commander, Mrs. Nancy Bennett; lady oommander, Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers; ieuteuant commander, Mis. Etta Gates; record keeper, Mrs. Fannie Allen; flnauce keeper, Miss Eva Davenport; chaplain, Mrs. Katie Sang; sergeant, Mrs. Anna tiamkin ; mistress at anas, Hrs. Louis Lindenschmidt; sentinel, VIrs. Sarah Biddle; picket. Mrs. Jaue larmou ; organist, Mrs. Fannie Unerkircher. Last Friday week two young men ook a beagle hound and went buntiug tnd the dog feil into a well near the og house this side of Jas. Weir's. Tbe well is 65 feet deep and is dry. Tbe oys went home and told the story of iho loss of the dog and W. Uhr went o investígate, and seeing the dog down he well and not wishing him to die of starvation or from injuries received in 'rtlling, flred two shots at him and vent home. On Sunday Lew White got o thinking about the transaction and hiuking that the poor dog might be still alive, prevailed upon Horace Wisner to aecompany him to the place, vherè they lowered a lantem into the well and the dog moved its head. They nepared a slipping noose and drew the log out. Aside from a slight wound on thfi back made by the shot the dog was all right, and capered about as oon as released. - Manchester Enterprise. Hoyt L. Ccmary, eloontionist aud impersouator, of Boston, Mass., will gie an entertainment under the auspices of the Saline schools uext Thursday evening. The village attorney of Chelsea is tonobiag up everyone in the village who does not pay bis poli tax and says he will prosecute all wbo do uot pay up. Miss L'zzie Leavey, of Dexter, fell on the icy sidewalk one day recently and was so badly injured about the head tbafc sbe was confined to her room for over a week. Mrs. L. U. Cole died at her home in Ypsilanti, Saturday afternoon, from peritonitis after an illness of several days. The funeral took place Monday afternoon. She leaves a husband.three sons and a daughter. Two strangers, who gave their ñames as Wetmeyer and Kirby, stole a pair of overshoes frotn iu front of Harper & Parsons' clothing store iu Saline. Takeu before Justic Webb they pleaded guilty to the charge and are in jail serving santence. C. A. Hanke. of Detroit, O. G. Hautly aud F Reece aud the Misses Eruma and Matilda Hanke, of JacksoB, are visitiug at Wm. Hanke's, of River Raisin. Mr. and Mrs. Walker, of Jaokson, are visitiug at J. Hogan's, of the same place. Pentecostal revival services have bee held at the Saline M. E. church all thi week, afteruoon and eveDiDg. A watch night service was held last night Rev. P. S. Morehouse, the Pentecostal evangelist, condncted the services yesterday aud today. The following are the officiers of tbe Saline Baptist önnday school for this year: Superintendent, W. H. Barr; assistant superintendent, Mrs. M. E. Gill; treasurer, Donna LaRue; secretary, A. J. Warren ; librarían, Daisy LaRne ; organist, Ollie Cressy. The choir boys of St. Luke's church, Ypsilanti, accompauierJ by Mrs. P. W. Shuto, Mrs. Anna Siuith, Miss Lydia Spencer, Mrs. Ella Spencer, Mrs. Fred Johnson, Mrs. Ellis and Miss Clara Shute were given a sleigb ride party Inst Saturday evening to tbe home of Mr. Chandler, in Pittsfield, where they were royally treated.