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Opposition To The U. Of M.

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Regeut W. J. Cooker's artiole relative to fees at the University of Michigan is tirnely, says a Free Press correspondent, and coming as jt does froru au official source, nnportaut. The writer regrets that the lack of necessary meaus tor carryiug on the university has oompelled the gradual increase of the fees of tuition uutil there is danger that the doors of the institntion will finally be practically closed to the poorer students. He believes that the chief opposition to Jarger appropriatious comes from persous of limited means. Placing the average valnation of farm property at $2,000, he estimates that the average amouut paid by each farmer for the support of the nniversity by rneans of the one-sixth uf a mili tax is ZSy3 cents. At preseot 40 per cent of the students of the uuiversity are the sous and dangbters of' farmers. Stilt, many of the farmers are on the side of the oppositiou. Concludiug IJr. Cockersays: ''Wby the principal opposition to the university sbonld ooine from farming oornniuuities and from persons of limited means is difficult to nuderstand. To the rich it is of little consequence whether the state ruaintaius eitber schools or colleges. They generally send theiï obildren to private suhools and to richly endowed nniversities. "


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