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Y. M. C. A. Statistics

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The total atteudance at the reading rooms at the Y. M. C A. during the yeaf, has been 18,900; at the prayer meëtiDg 50 ; and at the bible classes 609. Tbere have been 12 oonversions during the year. The total membership now is 270, a gain of 29 for the year. It may be of interest to uote the oocupations of the regular inembersbip. Of tbe 127 active ínembers, 31 are clerks, 19 meohanics, 5 inarchauts, 6 professional men, 13 laborera, 11 priuters and binders, 16 resident high school studenta, 3 manufactorers, 6 farmers, and 7 without classifioation. The mamb.'rs attending tbe %-arious olasses at the nigbt school are .48, divided asfollows: Aritbemetic class 12, pentuanship 6, mechauical drawins 6, Germán 9, bookkepping 6, Englisb 9. The assooiatiou has received duriug the year 1896, f1,565.44, and expended $1,548.14, leaviug a balance on hand of 111.30. Tbe estímate for tbe year 1897 is $1,395, of which $340 will probably come into tbe association, through fees, eto.


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