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Thft teacher asked. "And what is space?" The trembling student said, "I eaunot teil at present, sir, But 1 have It in my head." - Exohange. An 8j pound boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Staebler Wednesday evening of last week. A service of song will be given at the English Lntheran ohurch next Sunday evening. A good musical program will be rendered. Dr. William Fuller, of Cherry Vale, Kansas, died Thursday of last week. He was a brother of John T. and Mies Rhoda Fuller, of this city. A social danoe will be given at Granger's academy this evening, tbe proceeds to go to the Ann Arbor high school athletic association. The Ann Arbor young people who attended the Maccabee dance at the Clifton house, Whitmore Lake, Friday night, report having had a jolly good time. The next lecture in the Epworth League course will be given at the M. E. church, Friday evening next, by J. E. Beal, whose subject will be "A trip throngh Mexico." The board of fire commissioners has purchased a fine team of iron gray horses for the fire department. They oost $300 and were bought of O. Jj. Yost, of Ypsilanti. Sewer Inspector E. W. Groves reports having found fiftecn house connectious imperfectly made. All of these he claiu.s were pronoupoed O. K. by tbe former inspector. - Times. Tbe first annual election of trustees for the First M. E. ohurch resulted in the re-election of H. S. Carhart and A. J. Kitson. A. J. Sawyer succeeds Dr. MacLachlan, resigned. The two months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stofflet died on Friday and was buried Sanday afternoon. Rev. Henry Tatlock conducted the funeral services, which were held at tbe house. Owing to ill health, D. A. Tinker has retired from the active management of the gents' furaishing busines3 of D. A. Tinker & Son. His son, Fred A. Tinker, has assumed the reins of government. ,T. D. Ryan is now sole owner of the Hangsterfer block at the corner of W. Washington and S. Main sta., he having purchased the remaining two-sevenths of the property uot already iu his possession for $8.000. An even hundred couples attended the second of the series of social dances tinder the auspices of tbe ï. O. O. F. in their uew hall on New Year's cve. and the dancing was kept up until 2 o'clock a. ui. to the excellent music of the Chequamegon orcbestra. It was a verv deasant affair. One huudred trampa were fed and lodgi d by the Aoti-Tramp Society during the month of December according o Poorrnaster Sipley's report, each of wbom earhed what he gót by hard work. Tbis goes'to show that there are many poor fellows wno are tratnping more from neeessity than frorn choice. The annnal meeting of the Farmers' Vigilance Horse Protection Associiition of the townships Arm Arbor, Superior and Salem will be held at Dixboro, today at 1 o'clock for the purpose of electing officers and to transact suoh other business as rnay legalJy come before it. Geo. A. McDougall, of Superior, is expected to be present and give his opiniou upon the good roac question. A number of the ladies of the Eastern Star are interesting themselves in getting up a series of.six informal dancing parties to be given every other Wednesday evening, in the drill room o' the Masonio temple. The parties wiJ be strictly confined to members of the order, who are all cordially invited to join. The first party will be given Wedaesday evening, Jan. 20, if enougt of the members enroll their names be fore that time. General Orders No. 8, issued by In spector General Joseph Walsb, anc dated Lansing, Dec. 31, 1896, pajs a great compliment to the officers anc rnen of the Ann Arbor Light Iufantry Gen. Walsh saya the company is in th front rank, and is the equal of any in the state, and notes witb pleasure th steady improvement shown. Capt R'iss Granger is mentioned by name anc highly complimented on his work. The Jacksoo Citizen says "It is rnuch more difficnlt dovv fur womau to turn over a uew leaf thau it was in Eve's time. " The annual Masonic St. Valentine ball and entertainment at Milán lias beeu set for Peb. 10, the 14th falling on Sunday this year. Over 400 people attemled the Y. W C. A. "at home" New Year's afternoon and evening. It was an interesting and enjoyable affair. Tbe Wonina's Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A, will hold its regular montb!y meeting Mouday, Jan. 11, at p. m., iu the rooms of the assooiation. The Dexter Leader commeuoed the 29th year of its existenee with its last issue. Here's wishing you contiuuued prosperity, Brother Thompson. Gabriel L. Van "Worrner, of this city, has filed'a bill for divorce from his wife, Abrigail Van Womier, ou the ground of cruelty and desertion. A. J. Sawyer is his attorDey. C. L. Kimball and Miss Floy Avery drove over to Ann Arbor, Mouday of last week returning home uext duy. They started with a eutter bat were obliged to exobange for a carriage on the way home. - Clinton bocal. The Argns'with its last issue attaiued tbe venerable age of 62 years, and with this number Vol. LXIII oommences. The proprietors will endeavor to rnake the paper this year as acceptable to its leaders as it always has been. John Shanahan, of Northfield, hae ately cotnpleted an addition to his onse iu that township. Wednesday ight of last week a party of 25 Ann Arbor young people went out thete and jolly house warming party was the esult. In a certain Sunday school 'm Milan ast Sunday the superintendent asked ny one in the school to name an incient in tbe lifo uf Kiug Solomon indiating his grpt wisdom, when a very mail little y. rl raised her hand, and :eing asked to name the incident, sitid, 'He had lots of wives." - Leader. The chairmeu of tbe varions Y. M. C. A. committees are as follows: Reeption, Irving Edwards; membersihp, A. C. Sohairer; religious, J. A. C. Jildner; invitation, A. E. Mummery; music, George Vandawarker; enterainraent, Bdward Krapf; visiting, ?red Esslinger; athletic, C. Fred Gauss; librarían, Richard Flynn. Dr. Mary Wood-AUen will give a ourse of three lfictnres under the ausjiees of the Bible Chairs on the "Bible Doctrine of Heredity. " The lectures re freo and will be given iu Room 1, t Newberry hall, at 5 p. ui. on Taesay, Thursday aud Priday, Jan. 12, 4 aud 15. Af ter tbe completion of this ouise Dr. Wood-Allen will give auther course of flve leotures on "Christan Physiology. " Mrs. L. A Pratt, nee Miss Daisy ruesdel, died at her home iu this city aturday, Jan. 2, after a married life f only & few inouths. The funeral serices wére held Monday afternoon frgm ;he residenoe The deoeased lady leaves a baby daughter ouly a few days old. Ylrs. Pratt was the adopted daughter f the late Prof. Zelotes Truesdel, and was very much thought of by her large ircle of friends. Norval Hawkins, who was pardoned out of Jaekson prison Dpc. 24, by Govrnor Rich, has again gone back to the jrison, this time, however, of liis own 'ree will and to accept a responsible osition. Wliile in Jaekson he was emjloyed as bookkeeper ou the shirt couract of Buffiugton & Co., of New York. This firm bas now offered him he entire management of its business u the prison at a salary of $1,500 a year, and he acceptod the offer. The residence occupied by Mrs. L lenry at 11 S. Thayer st. , snffered a [amage of $300 by fire ou Sitnrrlay night. The family had been away from jome and oo returuiug lighted a fire ïi the furnace. Later tbe neighbors saw moke pouring out of the house and urned in an alarm. When the firemeu arrived they had to break open tbe door to obtain an entrance. The loss to the furniture was about $800. Both the losses are covered by insurance. The house is the property of Mrs. E. Price. The Anu Arbor & Ypsilanti Electric Railway Co. has added three trips per day to the nuiabbr it formerly made, and on New Year's Day etarted oat niaking a round trip every honr and 20 minutes, or 12 trips each way per day on week days and 10 trips ou Snndays. This will give au excellent service that should meet with its owu rewavd in increasod patronage. A regular time table tor passing the chief points along the liue, snch as the city limita, State st , Main at., etc, will at once be made up. Mail Carrier Ben O'Neil and a party of ñiends were returning from Wbitmore Lake early Saturday morning, when just as they were about to cross the Ann Arbor rond crossing on N. Mai'i st., tbe borses shied, tied themselves np in the harness and feil down. At the same time au engine and box car went by witbin a few feet of them. No bell was ringing aDd no sign was given of the approach of the engine and car. It was a narrow escape from an accident tbat inigbt have resulted fatally. Every citizeu of Ann Arbor shnnld patronize tbe Midwinter (Jirous of the Ann Arbor Light Iufantry next week. Seven performancs in all will be given, five evening performances and two matinees- Wetduesday and Saturday. Tbe price of admission is only 25 cents, so that all can attend. Our friends in the surrounding towuships can a!so take in the novelty of a circus in midwinter at the matinee performances. All the artists are profesional? and the acts will be eqnal to tbose of any big circus as all the people are attached to big shows during the summer season. A limited nnmber oL seats can be reserved now. The dates are Jan. 12-16. The sale of reserved seats for the coming May Festival of Mosio begius tomorrow at 9 a. m. Nightly ineetiugs have been beid tliia week at soiue of our cbnrches, this being tjae week of prayer. The Ann Arhor Typographioal Union has endorsad the natue of F. G. Foster, of Chicago, for public printer. V. B. Kirby, of Lansing, was brought to the University hospital Weduesday to be treated for paralysis. At a meeting of the directors of the Michigan Furuiture Co., beld Wednesday night, a dividend of 3 per ceüt was declared. At tbe Y. W. C. A. entertainment at the high school hall uext Friday evening, Miss M, Ellen Clarken will play some selections on the harp. Frank Feiuer feil from a ladder at Dieterle Bros. ' new building Monday, and was severely bruised by bis sudden contact with inother earth. At the annual meeting of the Unitarian church Tuesday night, George W. Bullis, W. D. Harriman and Mis. Ida C. Finney were elected trustees for three years. At the annual meeting of the Forest Hill Cemetery Association held Tuesday afternoon Evart H. Scott, Daniel Hiscoctí and Major Stevens were elected trustees for three years. "Úncle Tom's March," a new piece of music composed by Frauk Minnis, will be played at the opening night. of tho Midwiuter Circus by the Ann Arbor Ligbt Infantry Band. It is said to bu a bright, catchy air. Tbe Wolverine cyclers elected tbe following offioers Tnesday nigbt: Ed. Stoll, president; W. B. Copeland, vice president; Albert Lutz, seoretary; E. W. Staebler, treasurer ; direotors, Rcy Sage, W. B. Copeland and Florian Muehlig. Miss Caroline J. Barilett, tbe celebrated paftor of the People's churcb, of Kalamazoo, and Dr. A. W. Crane, a prpminent physician of tbat city, were married iu the People's church Thursday evening of last week. The wedding was a surprise. A bout 2 o'clock Saturday morning just when it was rainiug bardest, an Adrián hack driver, conveyiug some people home from the flremsn's ball in tbat city, was heard singing "The Old Oaken Bucket,'' at tbe top of bis voioe. He had an idea of tbe fitness of tbings, all right The bardware firms of the city have agreed to close their piares of business every day except Saturday at 6 p. m. The arrangement is to be ooutinued from Jan. 4 r.o April 19. Tbis is a move in the rigbt direction. It conld be irnproved on, however, by making it extend thióagh all tbe year except dnriug the holiday season. The fur is thick on the mink and the wildoat, tbe nut erop was big, and so, of course, we shall have a oold winter, says tbe Lewiston Journal. Tbe eara of coru were thinly ciad and the goose's breastbone was dark, and therefore we are to have a warm, open winter. All these signs are autbentic. - Adrián Telegram The questiou is, whiob is the most authentic? Rev. Adam Clark, of Holland, this state, wants tbe Protestant churches of tbe country to adopt a flag to be carried at the head of funeral processions, Sunday school parades, and to be pínned to all pulpits. The plan is to use the colors, red, white aud blue - the red represents tbe blood of Christ; the white, purity, and the blue tbe bruises of Jesus. Chief Hazen, of the secret service, has issued a circular warníug against a new counterfeit $10 national bank note on the Union National bank, of Detroit, Miob. The note is tbe product of the sanie hand whioh prodoced the recent counterfeit on the National Bank of Commeice of New York. One distinguisbing feature is tbat tbe back of the note is unside dowu. The annual meeting of the Ann Arbor Agricultnral Sooiety was held at the office of the compaoy Tuesday afternoon and the following directora were eleoted : Evart H. Soott, Frederick Schmid, J. E. Beal, M. Seabolt, John Finnegan, W. D. Harriruan and Eli W. Moore. The finaucial report showpd that in spite of thü general business depression, the compauy had made a little money. The necessity of bringing the pritnary elections within the operation of the general eleotion laws is strongly piesented by John E. Milholland iu the Janoary nmnber of the North American Eeview. The vicious practices do longer possible at the polls are now, Mr. Milholland declares, employed witb astotinding success in the oaucus. The party cancos is today "The Danger Point in American Politics." As it is the fonntain head of power, so it is the fountain head of oorruption. lts evil influence rnakes unworthy nominations habitual, the machine possible, and bossism inevitable.