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Springfield, Hls., Jan. 5.- A radical change in the speakership fight has developed which may result in the selectlon of Ed C. Curtís of Grant Park. It is claimed by the Cook county crowd that he will be chosen on the first ballot at the caucus. At a meeting of the Cook county leaders early Tuesday morning it was decided that Schubert should be withdrawn. A number of prominent members from the state at large were called into the council and Curtis was chosen by them as a compromise candidate. The members who retlred Monday night leaving Schubert the machine candidate awoke Tuesday morning scarcely able to believe the transformation that had taken place. Schuberfs headquarters were closed. Allen had taken down hls sign and Curtís' name now hung over the door. Both Schubert and Allen visited Curtis and took charge of hls boom. Their withdrawal brings Curtis about thirty-seven votes. Flock to Curstis' Headqnarters. Within ten minutes after the news became known the members began to stream into Curtis' headquarters. In an hour his friends claimed he had fifty votes already pledged - six more than a majority. Dr. Jamieson and Lorimer, who have not slept a wink since Sunday night, watched the procession with a satisfled look in their tired eyes. They believe the switch has insured the election of Madden as senator beyond the shadovv of a doubt. "We have landed both Schubert and Madden, but deemed it the best policy to not press matters too hard," said one of the Cook county manag-ers. "The votes were here to elect Schubert speaker and Madden senator, but our country friends argued it would be better politics to divide up a little, and between the two, of eourse, Schubert had to step aside. This he agreed to do in a very unselfish spirit, and he deserves credit for lading aside his own ambition for the good of the organization." For the Sake of Harmony. "I quit for harmony's sake," sairï Mr. Schubert. "There is no doubt I could ïave been elected speaker, but when he leaders advised me that my candiaey was interfering with the senatorhip,. I immediately told them I waived my claims." "I withdrew from the speakership ace because my friends advised me o," said Mr. Allen. "I take pride in he fact that I have lived to attend my vn funeral and can still smile." The selection of Curtís as the raahine's candidate was an overwhelming urprise to everybody. Many refused o believe the report until personally assured that such was the case by the party managers. The understandlng ïas been all along that Allen or Selby vould be made the residuary legatee of the machine when It got ready to drop the Schubert talk. How It Was Done. A count of noses, however, showed that neither of them could win, even when backed by the Cook county delegation, and when the contingency of Cochran's election arose the bosses declared something must be done and quickly. Tanner would not listen to Cochran for speaker. Bryan was scarcely more aeceptable to the governorelect. The plan of taking up a candidate that would cut into the strength of both was then agreed to as the only course. Schubert, Allen and Selby were thrown overboard and Curtis attained his sudden and unexpected prominence. The matter will be settled in the Republican caucus. The machine expects to land Curtis on the secdind or third ballot.


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