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Washington, Jan. 5.- The senate reassembled at noon Tuesday after the two weeks' holiday recess. The meeting was without unusual incident, the attendance on the floor and in the galleries being somewhat meager. In the course of the chaplain's prayer he invoked a "Restoration of our industries and the return of prosperity." Hoar called attention to a petition from the Massachusetts society, urging that the oíd ship Constitution be permanently preserved and placed at the Washington navy yards, where, like Nelson's famous frigate Victory, at Portsmouth, England, the ship be used as a naval museum. Among the bilis introcluced were those by Peffer of Kansas "To improve the banking business" and by Shoup of Idaho as to alien ownership of land in the territories. The first reference to Cuba was in two resolutions offered by Oall of Florida. Imprisonmcnt of Sanguilly. The first requests the president to send to the senate in secret or open session, as he may deem best, all reports relating to the condenmation to life imprisonment, in chalns, by the Spanish authorities at Havana of Sanguilly, an American citizen. The second resnlution recites the circumstances of Sanguilly's trial and condemnation and directs the socretary of state to "demand his immediate release." The resolutions went over, Cali stating that he would make some remarks on them. Pettigrew offered a resolution which was agreed to, asking the secretary of the treasury for information as to the Bering sea seal flsheries, and particularly asking information as to why only $1,000 was yielded to the government in 1896 for the privilege of taking 635,000 seal skins. Peffer then addressed the senate, reading from manuscripts, on his resolution for . a national monetary commission.


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