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Speaking Pieces

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Qoahl But them actor cbaps recite Thelx playa too much like talk. Speakin in public it ain't right To joke an chat an walk. W'y don't they ycll an stomp the floor As me an Marthy wouhl A-speakin pioce8 up before The huil dern neighborhood? I praoticed in the hoss barn lof'. Then w'en the time had come I'd murmur "Bingen" low au sof' Or make ole Capuay hum As Spartacus. The roof 'ud shake. Locbiel 'd beware the day. My pa wuz sartin suro I'd make A president somo day. Child'n an parents ore their beat School exhibition days, An like a visión o' tho biest Wuz Marthy Ellen Hays A-sayin curfew mustn't ring- By gosh, Bhe meant it, too! - A sight to make an angol sinir In the Rownd her ma dyed blue. O' courao eonio riüs wuz ruther shy, Twisti-.l tho'r ip'un strings, An somo boys trim bied- I dunno w'y- But on tho huil, by jings, VTe beat them plnyf-r fellers fair. An as for form an face, No Noo York nctreaa could compare 'Ith Marthy Ellr-n's prace.


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