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Egged On The Doctor

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An itinerant rorn dootor took possesion of the public' square in Charlesown, N. H. , one evening and proceeded to trausact n, business whioh was of land office dirnensions whilo it lasted. But lie ├╝losed np eurly. Eggs were flyiii.n at him from all direetions, and hu was a sorry looking sight wheu lie reached thefriundly shelte,r of the hotel. He had imposed upon tbe coufidenoa of tho uusophisticated, aul tho shower of eggs was tlieir way of expressing their righteous indjgnation. The "doctor's" modus operaudi was something liko this: He had a oom salve that was unequak'd and unapproachablo in its virrucs. He wished to advertise it. and would for 10 cents give a sample of the salvo and a check, on the presentation of which later he would give a present. The "present" end of it caught many who were old enough to know better and several ofaildreu, but great was tbeir surprise wheu on presenting their checks they were handed 15 cents as a present. This was making money very fast. Each purchaser had realized 50 per ceht ou bis investment. The doctor had article No. 2 to advertise and would also give a present to every purchaser who would pay 25 cents for a sample. Tbose who had bougut one package of No. 1 took two aud three of artiole No. 2 and were given ch( cks, as in the previeras instance. Of course they thought this ruan who gave them 15 cents for 10 would certainly give them at least 35 for 25. But he didn't. He probably thought he had gone the limit, and when the specnlators presented their checks they were given a bit of t.iffy candy by the smiling doctor, who said, "I told yon I would give you a preseut, and I have done so," and while he continued to give them the laugh they began to see the "joke." Several of those on the outside of the crowd got their heads together and theii went to a nearby provisi├│n store and invested all the money they had in eggs, and the less modern they were the more desirable for their purpose. When they returned, the voluble doctor was telling his audience not to feel bad over the matter. He had, he said, traveled a great deal and bad "got it in theneck" himself and nevercomplained. Well, just then he got it in the neck, and in the back, and on the head, and in several other places. There was a perfect shower of eggs. The doctor's smile vanished, and he did not stand upon the order of going, but eot quickly. He made $5 or $6, but


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