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The Needle And The Pin

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A pin and a ueedle, beiug neiglibors in a workbasket and both beiug irilo folks, brgan to quarrel, asidle folks are apt to do. "I should like to know, "said the pin, "what you are pood for and Jiovv you expect to get through the world without a hoad?" "What is the use of your head, " replied the needie sbarply, "if you have no eye?" "What is the uso of au eye," said the pin, "if there is always something iu it?" "I am more active and can go through more work than you can," said the needle. "Yes, but you will not live long because you have always a stitch in yonr side," said the pin. "You are a poor, crooked creature, " said the needle. "And you are so proud that you canuot beud without breaking your back. " "I'll pul) your head off if you iusult me again. " "I'll pull yonr eye out if you touch ' me. Remeraber, your lifo hang8 on a single thread," aaid the pin. While they wöre tlms conversing a little girl entered and, undertaking to sew, she very soou broke off the eedle at the eye. She then tied the thread arouud thoneckof the pin, and, attempting to sew with it, she soou pulled ita head off and threw it into the dirt by the side of the liroken needle. "Well, here we are, "said the needle. "We have nothing to íight about dow," said the pin. "It seeins raisfortune has brought us to our senses. " "A pity we had not come to them sooner, " saith the needle. "How much we reeemble human beings, whoquarrel about their blessings till tbey lose them and never fiud out they are brothers till they lie down in the dust together, as we


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