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Have Tried It Five Times

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A fifth attempt to burglarize the store of J. H. Miller's Soos iu Ypsila'uti, was made Suuday uight abont 10:15 o'clock. Spencer Drake, who is ernployed as night watoh iu the store, was just retiring to his cot in the offioe to take a rest when he heard the staple on the back door pulled out aod the padlock dorp. He saw a yonng man enter who, with his hand proteoted by a cïoth, to prevent it being out, broke out a light of glass iu the inner door. He retirad for a couple of minutes on acoonut of the noise it made and then reacberl iu. unbolted the door and walked iuto the store. By the light left buruiug in the store he caüght sight of Mr. Drake's pauts which were hauging uear the stove to dry, and suspectiug that there was a night watchman iuside, he tnrned to go out Mr. Drake ordered him to halt, but the would be bnrglar started to ruu out the door. Mr. Drake then snapped tbe trigger of his rovolver but it misssd flre. A seooud pull of the trigger socoeeded in disubarging the guu, aud the bullet strnok very close to tbe fellow as he ran through the door, closiug it after hiin to delay the pursuit, and snooessfully made his espcae. Monday afternoon Basil Hutohinson, j aged 19 years, was arrestod on the! charge of having done the breakiüg into the store. Mr. Drake, who had a good view of the young fellow, as tbe gashght shone plaioly on his face, is positive in bis identification of Hutchinson. Ou the other hand wben taken before Justice Childs, Hutchiuson" declared his innocence and stated that he was homo by 10 o'elock that nighe. He demanded au esamination v.hich was held Wednesday afternoon.


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