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The Detroit Journal of Dec. 30 conta'ued the followiug item wirh reference to the resistiva powers of the orauinru of oue of the U. of M. 's moat fainoüs football playera: "CouDt" Villa, of Walla Walla, Wash., Ann Arbor's fainous football player, is ruolded of the right kind of material to make a successíul chaser of the pigskin. A football player must be able to walk on his nosa with the same ease with whioh he would reoliue on his virtnons oonoh at the olose of a hot game. He ought to be able to slide at least a rod ou his ear without suft'eriug auy inoonvenienoe, and a oannon ball should glance harmlessly from liis sides. That the popular "Count" possesses these qualities is proved by an incident whioh occurred the other day, He, with a uumber of his friends, were ooasting on a hill in Ann Arbor. The hill was very icy, and the "bobs" were shooting dowo with tremendous velocity, wheu snddenly one of the runners struck a rut. The sleigh stopped, but not so with the nount. He had just got fairly started and oontinued through the air headlong. By actual measurement he was turown exactly 33 feet. He landed ou his head, fortnnately, and tbus saved himself from, perhaps. dreadful injuries. He was not hurt in the least, but it rnakes one's blood rnn cold to think what might have happened had he fallen on his feet. Not long ago he feil from a seoond-story window and was again miraculously saved by landing on his head.


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