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Expense Bills Too High

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The Detroit Pree Press of Snuday in a letter froru its staff correspondent at Lausing had the followiug item: "The state board of auditora have begou to qnestiou the expeuse bilis oí Regent P. W. Cook, of the University of Michigan. The law permita the University regents no allowauce for their services except their expenses, aud the auditors are qnestioning the propriety of some of the bilis sent in by the Corruuna man. The bilis snbmitted by Regent Cook for the last six raonths have uot yet been allowed and they have been sent back to one of the otber regents for examination. The particular kind of bilis tbat the state auditors object to are many items for hacks and hotels wliich uaually run froru $2.50 to $3.50 a day. These bilis as sent in by Regent Cook for -Tuly ainonuted to $45 AmoDg t.bem is a bilí of $2.3.0 for car f are in Detroit on ,1oly 8. It was fonnd that the expeuse bilis for severantenaa in Jone were dated on Sundays. When the anditors sent to Mr. Cook a letter objecting to the hack and hotel items in one of his bilis, he wrote back that this inolnáed 50 cents for oigars, 10 cents for beiug shaved, áud the pay of the porter. "


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