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A Fight With A Lynx

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The ugliest appearing animal that ever walkod a log, killed a rabbit or fought a trap is the lynx, which is just as ugly as it looks ton months in the year and somewhat uglier during the other two. Not only will the lynx fight anything that walka the woods, but it will also tacklo avisitor from the clearings, be he man or dog or half grown calf, if the occasion offers. Jim Berry was lmnting np in Maine, about 40 miles north of Greenville, wben he and his fricnd suddenly caine upon the carcasa of a caribou which a bear was eating. The bear made itself scarce, inuch to Jiui's regret, as he wantod to ki 11 tho bear. Without j ing auythiog to his friewd he left camp the next dny and started for the Qaroai!c intendiug to watoh it, in the hope th. the bear wen ld return. Hewaitedand wutchod uutil about 3 o'cloök in the afternoon, wben he began to tbiiik o' re tur ui ng to eu:np. A soft footïull bacU in the woods - the eraf ty step .of some , wild animal - just Uien souuded in his ears. Pretty soon the bear was chewiug : tho cari bou meat, and Jim could see it plainly. He leveled his buckshot gun and pulled the trigger, when the wabbling muzzle was pointed in what ho thought was the right directiou. The beast went down, and Jim started for it. Theu he stopped, with his mouth open. The beast had leaped to his feet and jumped sideways, with its baok up. Jim knew the yell, and he also recognized the hutnped back. It was a wounded lynx spoiling for a fight. Not having time to level his gun to shoot, the man , clubbed it, and the blow stunued the cat a little, but the beast got in a rake ! on the man's leg and tore his trbusers and hido too. Another frantic eweep of the gun barrel laid the beast flat, and then a revolver bullet killed the animal. The huckshot had torn the top of the lynx's head - enough to raake it angry.


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