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Proved His Love

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They vrere two working girls, and they bappened to meet the other day at the restaurant whero thoy eat luncheou. I The brunette ordered baked beaus and lemonade, 'and the bloud selected fruit cake and cofïee. "Tomorrow is pay day, you know, "sbe said in reply to the inqniring look of the other. "Oh! Weli, have yon heard the news about Mary? She's resigned." "I know," said the blond. "I was iu bopes I'd be the first to teil you. She's going to be married." "Yes; in a lovely blue silk. I forget the name of the man she's going to marry. He isn't verygood looking, they say, bwt Mary says he's intellectual. Sbe says" - "Oh, pshawl You can't teil froni Mary. " "No; but Sadie's seen bis photograph, and sho says he wears glasses. " "Does he? Well, Mary's lnoky, if she is redheaded. Why, he would jast do anything iu the worid for that girl." "Huruph!" said the brunette. "That's the way she talks now, but you can't teil a thiug about it uutil after they're married." "You can teil it easy enotigh in thifl case. He's proved it already, " said the blond waruily. "Said he'd die for her, I suppose, " returned the brunette scornfully. "Lots of 'em talk that way before they have to pay the butcher. " "This isn't talkanyhow. He's proved his love, I teil you." "How? Did he save her life, or teil her that her hair is golden?" "■Neither. He sold his bicycle to buy


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