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It may be pertinent to iDquire abont wha...

It may be pertinent to iDquire abont wha... image
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It may be pertinent to iDquire abont what the advanne agent of prosperity is aooomplishing. There will be lively times at the townehip eleotions next spriDg. Just mark this prediction. The lientenant governor has made up strong anti-Pingree oommittees in the senate, evidently haviug given over the railroad coramittee to the railroad corumittee lobby. The governor's rueasnres are in for hard sledding in the senate. It seems to be pretty well settled that Senator Shernian is to be the oext secretary of state. It is also thonght that Gen. Alger has a good chance of becoming secretary of wai. Snch dear frieods as Sherman and Alger onght to compose a harrnonious cabinet. Gov. Bich in bis last words to the legislatnre showed the same oíd unfriendly spirit to the University. Of conrse the Governor witb the highest tax levies in the history oí the state wants to economize somewhere, and naturally it should be in edncational expenses. That is Kich's reoord. Is he proud of it? The Detroit doctors who wish to get au opportunity to becorne profes aors in the medical department wbile retaining their practice in Detroit, are so angry wth the regents becanse they refnsed to leud themselevs to the scherue that they are endeavoring to have the legislatnre take steps towards abolishing the regents. And still the war in Caba drags its weary length along, a slow guerrilla warfare, marked by barbarie slaagbterings of the wounded, women and children. Nothing but desd'uction and nffering is accomplished. Spain seems no nearer briuging the war to an end tbau she did a year ago. Hr geiiPrals seem to lack the strategie knowledge necessary to force the small and separated bands of insurgents to snrrender, her soldiers seem to lack the vim and dash necessary to win victories, her civil officers seem to lack the honesty necessary to efflciently expend the public fnnda. The war is costiug poor baukrnpt Spain over ten milüons a mouth and uothing is beiug accomplished. Tbat is the Cubau sitnatiou iu a nntsbell. As sbowing the jnsfc cuse the debtor classes have for complaiut against iaws made for the benefit of the creditor s classes, a hitherto unpublisbed incident occurring in tbe state of New York, may be related. The other day a mortgage there was foroclosed withont notice. The mortgagee had paid bis interest promptly twioe a year and the owoer of the mortgage had agreed to allow' the mortgage to stand wnile she lived, if th6 interest was paid. Tbe ÏJew Ynrk law does not require even a ebort notioe or demaud for payment before prooess is served and so, ■without notice, foreclosure prrcpediugs were comnjenced bythe mortgagor's lawyer and the riebtor had to pay costs, anaonnting to nearly $70 to stop thé proceediugs so that the mortgage oould be assigued to a parchaser.


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