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Consul Lee In Hot Water

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Washington, Jan. 12. - Consul General Fitzhugh Lee, who, with true southern hospitality, extended" the freedom of the city" to his southern friend, Senator Money, on the occasion of the latter's visit to Havana, flnds himselt In an imbroglio with the state department as a result of his generosity. It is admitted that the sentiments attributed to the consul general by Senator Money are correct. The consul general believes that Spain cannot put down the Cuban insurrection and said so to Secretary Olney and the president on his recent visit to Washington. But he was warned by the president .and Secretary Olney not to talk for publication, and he avoided the interviewer at every hand. So while Consul General Lee has held these views he had not expressed them before he met Mr. Money. In the glow of his hospltallty he told Senator Money what he thoug'ht and it developed later that the Mississippi senator visited the island as the representative of a New York newspapers and he quoted General Lee extenso. There is much surprise at the state department over the published view of the consul general, "which are likely to stimulate in congress a livelier interest in the Cuban cause. That the president wil] mildly rebuke his old friend, the consul general, seems certain.


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