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Wanted A Clock, And A Timepiece

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"I want sometbing handsome in tho way of a clock," ho said to tho jeweler. "We have a very fine liue of goods, " was the response, ' 'and the prices are very moderate. " "I rïon't care anytbing about the price. I want sornething that will show at a glauco that it cost a whole lot of money. " ".Certainly. We have some beautiful imported goorls. " "That's the idea - something that carne f rom abroad. I want an onyx pedestal and ormolu trimmings and a statue on tho top of it. " "Here's a veritable work of art." "That's pretty well, bat l'd like sonaethiug more attractive than that. It's to be a birthday present, to ruy wife. Wo haven 't been keeping house very long, and sho's been worried for fear people would think we were going without a clock because we couldn't afford one. I'm going to see that she has something so handsome that it'll dazzle everybody who comes into the parlor and so precioua that it has to be kept nnder glass like a specimen in the museum. " "How is this one?" the jeweler inquired as he lifted a massively órnate article from a shñlf. "That's the very thing. That'll please her almost to death. Pack it up and ship it ont to my house and send the bill to my office." "It'll cost $125," the jeweler mildly suggested. "That's all right. It looks as if it were worth it. " He started for Yne door, but carne back and said, "By the way, you'd better give me auother clock - one of those small nickel plated affairs that cost about $1.50, so that we can stick ib off in an obscure corner to look at when we want to know what time it is." -


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