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A Cheerful Prospect

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A nervous young minister was fliling the. pulpit for a country charge that was without a regular pastor. A part of hia experience is touchingly related by the local paper. The very pious old lady at whose house he staid, in showing hiru his room, said. "It ain't everybody I'd put in this room. This here room is full of sacred associations to me," she went on. "My flrst husband died in that bed, with his head on tbree pillows, and poor Mr. Jenka died sittin in that corner. Sometirues when I come iuto the room in the dark I think I see hini sittin there still. My owii father died lyin right on that lounge right under the window there. Poor pa, ho was a spiritualist, and he allus said ho'd appear in this rooin after lie died, and sometimes I am foolish euough to look for him. If you should see anythiug of him tonight, you'd botter net teil me. It'd be a sign to mê that there was somethin in spiritualism, and I'd hate to think that. My son by ir y first man feil dead of heart diséase right wbero you stand. He was a, doctor, and there's two whole skeletons in that closet tbere belongin to him, and half a dozeu skulls in that lower drawer. If you are up early and wantporuethin to amuso yourself before breakffcst, just open that cupboard there, and you will iind a lot of duad meirs bones. My poor boy thought a lot of them. Well, good night, and pleasaut


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