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Poisoning By Phosphorus

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The attenhon cf soientists bas beeii j called to the rapid increase m the mimber of cases of phosphorous poisoning t among workers iu match factories. less the ventilatiou and general conditions are of the best the workmen inhak largeqnantitiesof orude phosphorus and after a certain stage rapidly developdiseaso traceabJe directly to this deleterious substance. The aotiou of the poison is rather slow at first, but once it becomes diffused through tbe system it is very difficult to eradicate. In fact, it is believed that wben phospliorus has once takeu a firm hold of the physical forces it is impossible to elimínate it and that the conditious of decay have begnn. Among other notable peculiarities it has been reroarked that the bones of persons satnrated with phosphorus are much more easily fraotured than those of othei people. Efforts are to be made to improve the sanitary condition and venti 'lation of the factories and also to forbid the use of white phosphorus in the aration of matches.


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