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LAND PLASTES! LIME AND CEMENT. JDRAINTILE. XaOUIS ROHDE, Main Office- 36 E. Hurón Street. Yards -50 West Hurón Street. 4 JEIRE INSURANCE. CHÜSTiAi MSACK, K)tíüt for the tollowiug Klret CíaBs Ooinpaniep repreaonting over twonty-yight Milliou Dollars Aüeots, ínBues policía at thc lowpst rap íStna of Hartford 9,192,644.(Ki Franklin of Phila 3,118,718,00 (rermaniaof N. Y 2,700,729.Xi American of N.Y. 4,05,968.üfi London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,78S.(K' Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679,00 National, Hartford 1 i774.506.0fi Phenix. N.Y 3,759.036.00 +- - (rSpectal atiuntion ivtm ro the insuranoe o VKllmgB, scliool.churcheB and publi hriilfiiiifcfc turmti of thrP nd fip varf Sk fromLlfe' REVIVO i riS''W Ütlb RESTORES VITALITY. I iti)ay.3f'jLWell Man 15thDay. 1fflff of ygo THE GREAT 3oth Day. PH.EWCH H3S3VtHX3"3r produces the above resnlts in 30 days. It acts powerfully aud ciuickly. Cures when all others fail. Youngmeu will regaia their lost manhood.and old men will recover tbeir youtliful vigor by using REVIVO. It quickly aud surely restores Nervousness, Lost Vitality, Impoteucy, Nightly Eraissions, Lost Power, Failing Memory, Wastincr Diseases, and all effects of self-abuse or exces-s and inJ:6cretiOQ, whlch unfits one lors'udy. business ormarriage. It pot only cures by starting at the seat of disease, but isagreat nervetonic and blood builder. bringing back the pink glow to pale cheeks and re storing tbe flre of yonth. It warda off Jnsanity and Conenmption. Insist on havinK RliVIVO, no other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail S1.00 per packaüo, or six for 5.00, with a posi tive written jjaarautee to cure or re f and the moucy. Circular froe. Addross ROYAL MEDICIÏÏE CO., 271 Waöasb Ave., CHICAGO, ILL For sale at Ann Arbor. Mich., by Eberbacli Drug and Chemical Company. J.. FrecÜ Hoelzle5 DEALER IN Meats, Sausasres, Oysters and Market Goeds. Porter House and Sirloin Steaks a Specialty WASHINGTON MARKET. DRS. MACLAGHLAN & BHOOKS i i'-nses of t ie ËVBi KAR, NOSEaiid THROAT Offlóe, corner Main and Washing)ou Strceta Residence, 14 S. -ítHte Street. Residence telaphone, No. J2S. Office telephone, No. 13Í. Hours: 11 and 1 to 5p.m. L' B. N0KK1S Attorney at Law. Ooca a general law ooüection and conveyanc ip business. A moderate sbare of your patronagre rospeetiul. r olieited. offloe l" } Huron Street, upstnirs.


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