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Chicago Men Make Trouble

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springheld, Illa., Jan. 12.- Citizens r.ere are aroused over the riotous behavior of members of the Second regj" nent, Illinois National guards of Chi cago during their attendanee on the ina-uguration. A crowd of soldiers con' gregated at the córner of Fourth anij Washington streets and stopped thp Street cars. A detachment of pólice ivas sent to the scène and the men re' fused to disperse. An attempt wa? made to arrest some of the soldiers ana a flght ensued, the pólice using their clubs and the soldiers their gima, clubbed, or their bayoneta. A lieutenant, whose name could not be learned, urged nis men to resist the pólice and threatened to charge them. The pólice were reinforced by tvventyfive regular and thirty-five special offlcers. Two other collisions took place during the day. John Smith of 1416 East Jackson street received a severe sealp wound and was sent home unconscious. I. A. Irwin of 506 South Eighth street ha.d his face cut open with a bayonet, sevêral other citizens were Elightly injured and some of the soldiers were more or less cMsfigured.


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