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One Trait Of American Character

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There is one trait of our uational character which foreigners can liever coruprehend, and that ia oor nnshakablc faith iu our ability to "como oat all right in the eud. " We stuud idly aud vnore or less indifferently by aud allow a couutry to bo pushod to the verge of a financial or political precipice unrlcr tho iinpnïs? of soine kind of popular craza or auother, entirely confïdeuc that just before it slips over we eau take . hold of' it and pull it back. We have doue this again and agaiu, and cothiug seeins to shake our faith in our ability to repeut the operation whenever oucasion arisos, It costa us euormonsly, uot ouly in reputatiou, but also iu money, aud retarde our growth and progress in a thousand ways, but nothing seems likely to cure us of the habit, uuless it be a great iwtional calamity due to onr failing in some crisis to take alarm quickly euongh.-


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