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One On Amos J. Cummings

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A possiper in the Vashingion Posi telis this story on Amos J. Curamingi which he taya was told to him by Amoi himself: Duriug the last campaign Mr, Cnimiiiugs tried to say as linio aboui free silver as possible, though be ww running for cougresa as a freo silvej man. Seonre ni the friendship of evorj policeman and letter carrier in hia dis trict, he got on swinimingly tili i most the very last speech ho mude. II was in a great hall and ho had a largí audifiice. He talked about nationa) honor, and the flag, and tho equality oi mal], and the rights of the massos, witl; a twist or two of the British lion's tai] by way of variety. It was a great speech Suddenly it was iuterrupted by a man down in the front row. "Teil us abont the ratio!" he oried, and he prouounced tlio flrst syllable to rhyme with hash. Mr, Oummiugs paused, perplexed. Just then his oye eaught the eye of au especially í'riendly policenian. No worda weroexchauged, butan instant later the strong hand of the law descended on the collar of the iuqniring man. He was yanked elear out of his seat and hustled tothe door. "rilhavoyouunderstand," said the policeman as he jerked him down the aisle, "thatwe'll haveuo such laaguage used here. "


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