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The Captain Told Him

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Au Euglishrnan, tonring tbrough America, went 011 board a stearuer late oue uight andon tbefollowiugrnorniug, after walking on deck aud looking around him, he stepped up to the captain and asked, "I begyour pardon, but would you kindly teil me what lake I'm on?" "The Lake Hnron," replied the captaiu and turned away. The Englishman Jooked puzzled for a moment, and then, following the captain, began again, "I beg your pardon, you said" - "It's the Lake Huron, " roared the captain, thinking the man was desf. "yes, I know," persisted the passenger, "but wnat's the name of the lake thafc I'm on?" "The Lake Huron!" shouted the captain, inceused at what he thought gross i stupidity, and he turned away to relieve himself by railing at one of the hands. The Englishman looked more puzzled than ever. "The lake you're on is the lakeyou're on. Of course it is. The lake I'm on can't help being the lake I'm on. What impertinence! Let me look in my guidebook. Perhaps that will teil rne. " It did teil him, and then the humor ' of the situation suddenly dawued upon


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