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Real Estate Transfers

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Wm. C. and Agnes M. Gerstner to Frederick J. GerRtner, Ann Arbor, $3,050. Julins Barth to George Barth, Sylvan, $1.200. Chas. H. Kempf and wife to J. S. and E. h. Cummings, Chelsea, $576. Hobeit G. Barnes and wife to Herbert H. Smitb, Ann Arbor, $1. Herbert H. Smith and wife to Robert G. and fitttie E. Barnea, Ann Arbor, $1. Angélica i'lnbman, by beirs, to Frederick E. Layher, Bridgewater, $355. Frederick E. Layher and wife to C. F. Krapf, Bridgewater, $350. Timothy Kinnie and wife to Eva K. Anderson, Ann Arbor, $1,000. George Rudman, by executor, to John Rose, Ann Arbor, $643. Jnnins E. Beal and wife to Emma V. Freeman, Ann Arbor, $500. Caroline and Oscar O. Sorg to Arthur Brown, Ann Arbor, $6,500. Frank Dnnlavy and wife to John Dnnlavy et al., Webster, $1. Frank Dnnlavy and wife to Annie and Edward Dnnlavy, Webster, $800. Wm. Court to Estber W. Conrt, Ypsilauti, $500. Charles D. Stonp and wife to Tbomas D. Kearney, Ann Arbor town, $1. Thomas D. Kearuey to Charles D. Stonp and wife, Ann Arbor town, $1. Jasnn W. Rogers to Karl A. Bruch, Ann Arbor, $300. Johanna Heeney et al. to James Heeney, Salem, $1. James Baker to Sarah Baker, Ann Arbor town, $1. Sarah Baker to James Besoh, Ann Arbor town, $1. Hndson T. Morton to C. S. Wortley, York, $100. Margaret Salsbnry to R. Salsbnry et al, York, $1,600.