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The conncil of Dexter has passed a curfew ordinance, calliĆ¼g in all children af ter 9 o'clook p. rn. It is a tyrannons enaotrnent, and caDnot but disadvantageously affect the Romeo and Julet industry of tbe village. Referring to the remodeling of the Cook hotel, Aun Arbor, by Mr. Nowlin, tbe Ypsilantian says: "It takes an Ypsilanti hotel man to redeem Ann Arjor's repntation in tbe matter of jotels. " Thus, forever, are the inhabtarits of tbe twin cities bitten by the bedbug of jealousy. A rich Washtenaw farmer, orazy drnuk, was jailed at Ann Arbor, and reliased vvhen he sobered, without eonrt proceedings. Name not given. Property does make a difference. Had it been Toe Journeyman, the printer, he poor devil's name would have been embalmed by the "art preservativo" inighty qniok. A tramp at Dexter stole an urnbrella, and tried to sell it. The second man ie approached, was telegraph operator Bostwick wbo recognized tbe article as Delonging to his daagbter, and so informed the hobo, who oalled bim two dasbes and a liar. At tbis point, it is established by the testimony of the Leader, that "Mr. B. is no 'snmmer coon,' and if tbere's anything that will npset his statuesque repose, it's that kind of stealing accentnated with tbat kind of talk;" and, it further appears that after tbat there was a confnsed mixture of tramp and telegraph operator; of lega and arms, and flying coat tails, and general chaos, daring whicb tbe combination gradually moved off the railroad grounds and separated - the hobo severely injured at the southern terminal of the trunk line, and Bostwick in the socket of the great toe, but will reoover.


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