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The Sunflower And Its Uses

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The sunflcnver isauative of America. In 1569 it was introduced into Europe and is uow extensively cultivated there, particularly in 'Russia, where it has been growii for 50 years, principally ior the oil contaiued in its seed. The seeds, after the shells are removed, coutain 34 per ceut of oil. This oil is clear, light yellow, uoarly odorless, and of a pecul iar pleasaDt aud mild taste. It is eaid to be superior to both almond and olive oil for table purposes aud is used iu niaking suup and caudles. In Kussia the larger seeels are sold in immense quautifcies to the lower classes of the people, who eat the kerneis as we do peanuts. The stalks furnish a valuable fertilizar, while the gree)) leaves are dried, pulverized and mixed with meal as food for cows. The stalk produces au excellent fiber. It ie said that Chinese silk goods ('omiuonly coutain more or less sunflower liber. The so called Niger seed oil is made from a species of the suullower ianiily which is a native of Abyssinia. It inrnishes the eoruiaon iamp oil of upper India, where it ia largely cultivatert.


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