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Senator Audrew Campbell is called by the...

Senator Audrew Campbell is called by the... image
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Senator Audrew Campbell is called by the Lansing correspondents "the good Senator Campbell." The tariff is to be pushed to the front by the McKinley administration. Is this a pleasing fact to the democratg whose votes elected him? Boss Platt, of New York, has been eleoted United States senator irom New York. At the same time Senator Pfefer failed to receive a re-èlection. Lot the democrats send np good delegations to the coming county convention. We need a good candidate for county school commissioner and a good delegation to Grand Bapids. In defeat the democracy always comes out strong and this spring is a good time to redeem old Washtenaw. The state aenate finally passed two billsyesterday. They were bilis changing tbe names of citizens of the statu. This changing of names by the legislatura rerninds one of tbe old Texan, whose name was Hugg and who was annoyed by the boys following bim in the street and yelling "Hogg, Hogg. " He had bis name changed by the legislatnre, bnt the boys still followed hino shonting "Hogg by name and hog by nature, only cbanged bv the legislatnre." Connty School Commissioner Wedemeyer has accepted an appointment as deputy state railroad oommissioner. The appointment is a good one and a fitting recognition of Mr. Wedemeyer'Js yeoman work for tbe republican party. This appointment clears tbe field fot a new sobool commissioner in this county. Without any reflections, the Argus desires to ask if it would not be a good idea this spring to elect a fiíst class school man, as county commissioner and one who is not a politician. In discnssing the recent electiou, Walter Wellman in.speaking of the 14,000,000 votes oast, makes the following oomparisons : "If 14,000,000 men were plaoed in single file live feet apart, they would niake a line 18,258 miles in length, or eonsiderably inore tbau one-balf way around the world at the equator. Marchod in platoons of fonr, the line would reach from New York to San Prancisco, with enongh to spare to place 80 offloers to the mile ontside the line. Il the 14,000,000 voters were maroherï in compauy order, 1(5 men abreast and ten feet apart, they would make a column 1,656 milos Jong, or from New York to the interior of Nebraska. Such a proscession, marohiug at the rate of three miles an honr, wonld require 23 days and nights to pass a given point. Massed as nlosely as men oan oonveniently stand, allowing 5 square feet to the individual, the 14,000,000 votecs of last November ■wonld cover a field contaïning more than 2)4 square miles of ground - %% square miles of aolid humanity. If loaded into railway qars, 233,300 passenger coaches would be required to hold them, or more than eight times as mauy snob coaches as tbere are in tbe United States."


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