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Who Are The Workers

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Alnch interesting data abont tbe oconpations of tbe Americau people is given iu a delayed bulletin of the elevecth oensus, wbich has just been furuished tbe press. It shows that tbe total uamber of people engaged in occupations of all kinds in 1890 was 22,735,661. This is an increase of over 5,000,000 working people iu a decade. This wbole unaiber of working people consists of those ten years old or over and inakes up over 36 per oeut of the entire population and almost 47 per cent of all persons 10 years old and over. Of the wbole number of working people the females form 17.22 per oeut. Divided by classes, the workiug people of the country are as f ollows : Agriculture, flsberies and mining, 9,013,83G; professional, 944,333 ; doiuestic and personal service, 4,300,577; trade and transportation, 3,326,122; manufacturing aud mechauical industries, 5,091,293. The domestic and personal servioe inoludes hotelkeepers, soldiers, sailors and marines, laborers, barbere, detectives, etc. The first-named class is a 10 years' gain of over 1,000,000, or of almost 3,000,000 for a score of years. Considerably more than four-fifths of the illiterate male portion of the country and one-fourtb of the illiterate feruale population are working. Over 59 per cent of the workingmen are married, over 87 per cent single, over 'S per cent; widowed and one-quarter of 1 per cent divorced. Of all foreign whites at work here, 4 per cent of tbe males and 13 per cent of the females oannot speak English. In manufactures and mecbanics the carpenters and joiners, numbering 611,482, make tip tbe grĂȘatest element, with dressmakers and luilliners following with 499,690. Tbere are a littla over 1,000,000 bookkeepers, clerks aud salesmen, 690,658 merchants and dealers, 5,281,557 farmers, planters and overseers, and 3,004,061 agricultural laborers, 349,592 miners and only a little over 60,000 flsbermen and oystermen. Professors and teachers aggregating 347,344 form the most numerous of the professional classes. Physicians and surgeons, 104,805, come next, then lawyers 89,630, clergymen 88,203, government officials 79,664, musicians, etc, 62,155; engineers and surveyors 43,239, artists and are teachers 22,496, journalists 21,849 and actois 9,728.


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