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To Keep Out Plague

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"Washington, Jan. 19.- The great epidemie of the bubonic plague in Bombay has compelled the authoritles of the Marine hospital service to take steps to secure the utmost possible vigilance by officials of the United States to prevent its introduction into this country, although no fears are feit at present. Eurgeon General Wyman of the Marine hospital bureau, after Consulting with Secretary Carlisle issued a circular calling the attention of United States consular officers, masters and owners of vessels, collectors of customs, national, state and local quarantine officers and others to quarantine regulations to prevent the spread of epidemics. The regulations referred to in the circular compel the disinfection of merchandise and personal effects from mfected ports before their shipment and similar precautions in regard toimmigrants from porta where plague, cholera, typhus, yellow fever or small-pox prevails. No Great Apprehension Here. Speaking of the plague Dr. "Wyman said: "No great apprehension is feit of its introduction into the United States, though special measures to prevent it have been in operation for more than a year. The present outbreak may be traced to China in 1894, and two years ago the quarantine officers on the Pacific coast were instructed to be specially vigilant with regard to it, and have disinfected the baggage of all Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and an understanding was had with the Canadian government by which they agreed to do the same, so that immigrants landed at Vancouver and coming thence into the United States would be equally safe with those coming to the United States ports direct. Cold weather Is not a protection against the plague, as it brings about the crowding together of morevpeople in houses. The bacillus was discovered in 1894 by a Japanese scientist. The germ is easy to kill, and can be destroyed by sulphur fumigation. The thermal death rate is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. When this plague prevailed in Russia in 1878, it wás found necessary to burn a large village, which was its stronghold, in order to stamp it out."


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