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He Wanted It Cheaper

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It was one of those restaurants where they charge according to the service, aud you can get anything in the line of service that you want froni a private diniug room to a cafetiria help yourself counter. And the nien in search of something to eat had wandered in among the private dining rooms ou the second floor. After he had settled himself comfortably in nis chair and had secured the attention of n waiter he glanced at tho bill of fare, and the next minute be straightened up as if hehad received an electric shock. "Roast beef, 45 cents!" heexclaimed. "Do yon serve a wholecow for an order here?" The waiter said that was the regular price. "Well, when I want to be robbed, " returned the raan, "I'H go out and hire a thug to do it. Just ow I'ni only after lunch, and I didn't think to bring ïny I checkbook along. " The waiter politely suggested that the priceswere not quite so high on thefirst tioor, where the service was a Jittle less perfect. The patrón declared that he riidn't care whether the service was good or bad, as he never ate it, and then he started for the firsfc floor. "Roast beef, 80 cent.," he said, looking at a bilí of fare before taking his seat. "ïhafs bettcr. I've come down 15 cents' worth of stairs. " Then it was that a brilliant idea occurre.d to hhn, and he beckoned to the head waited. "What's in the basement?" he asked. "Our cafetiria," was the reply. "How much is roast beef down there?' "Twenty cents. " He starteil for the basement, but stopped. "Say," he said, "if vuu'vegot a


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