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A wealtby St. Loaisan living in tbe viciuity of Lafayetto parís providetl a novel forin of entertainment for bis wife's guests one evening, saya the St. Louis llepublio. The hostess was extrernely anxious to próvida somthing original for the edification of a score of guests whom she intended to cali togetherfor an informal evening. Her husband promised to provide anch novelty and took a boon companion into bis coufideuce to that end. Tbey had not exchauged ideas 30 ' secutive secouis before they hit upon the device of jouverting the elegant parlors into a gambling house pro tem. A faro bank, a roulette wheel and poker and keno lay outs were easily proenrabie, as the coníerees well knew, and that part of the programme was oon SHttled. The iriend suggested as a i pretty epilogue the introduction of a air of bulldogs, gnaranteed to reduce. eaoh other to minee meat in three rounds. This ratber staggered the anibiious host, bat bis friend is a ward poli;ician, and with the eloqnence be always ceeps on draffc soon convinced the other that the eveuing would bo a failuro without tbosn bulldogs. Theevening arrived, and with it carne he guests. The lacliea were prettily shocked at siht of tho gambling parasbernalia, bat becaiuo aecustomed to it n an astouisbiugly short time and shaïed in the games with becoming vim. It was when the yellow bulldogs made ;heir unexpected eutrance that the horror of the fair gusaèn proved geuuine. The beasts yelped and growled and showed other pecuüarly canine eymptoms of "spoiling for afight. " Thereupon the ladies sought refuge on the piano aud card tables and chairs, cooducting their retreat as from a mouse. Notwithstandiug escited feminine protestations, the friend vvho had been consulted as to a coyelty in entertainment unleashed the dogs. It was an excitiug climax to an "original" evening. The dogs feasted for five minutes on choice bits of eaoh other's anatomy. The ladies screumed and the friend who was consultorl exulted in the success of his novelty. Wben he was qnite convinced - and it took a considerable time to convince him - that the ladies' desire for gore had been fully gratified, he doused the dogs into a convenient tub of water and separated them.


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