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Animal Kindergartens

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It will be noticed that all creaturen which havo large families, whether beasts or birds, have less trouble in rearing them tlian those which have only one or twoyoung. Láttle pigs are weeks ahead of calves in ñKelligence, aud the youug partridge, with its dozen brothers aud sisters, is far more teachable than the young eagle. There seems no donbt that the latter is taught to fly by its parents. A correspondent informs the writer that he has watched the old birds so engaged aud the yonng eagles relnctautly following them to a height. Specialized edncatiou iu animáis begins late. The beaver kitten's training doea not begin nntil the autnmu of the year in which it was bórn. The old beavers, which have moved uptributary streams into the woods, or roamed tu the larger lakes during summer, then return to inspect their dam and repair it for the wiuter. ïhey then cut down a few trees, and, dividing them into logs, roll them or tow them to the dam. Tbe kittens meantime are put on to wbat in a workshop would be called a "soft job." They ent all the sinall branches and twigs into lengths and de their share of light transport service. In tbe mud patting and repairing of the dam the beaver kittens take their share, but there is little donbt that they do so because their elders are so engaged. It is a kindergarten of the best kind, because mud patting and stick cutting are a great joy and solace to old beavers as well as young ones, and so instruction, pleasure and business are all combined. Yoang otters, aud probably also young water rats, have to be taught to go into the water. Accoriling to the observations of Mr. Hart, the late head keeper at the zoo, the young otters born there did not enter the water for weeks, and even then their mother had to "mind" them and fetch them out when she thought they had had enough of it. They swim naturally when once in the water, and this seems tme of all


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