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Uses Of Aluminium

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It is olairued that aluminium plates are destined to become the universal material for lithographic priutiug, which means a revohitiou iu the lithorapbicart. Of all the metáis that have jeeu tried besides aluminium, says The Alnminuni World, to replaoe the cumDersome litbographic stone, zinc is the only metal which has given auy satis!action, but it was found that zinc could not be depended upoa. To insnre ?ood work the zinc plates must be abïolutely pure, and even then many oolors cannot be printed from zinc with safety. Aluminium has been proved to ae aa good as stone. The metal approaohes the physioal properties of lithDgraphic stone from its ability to absorb fats or slimy substances. Racing skates are now made of alnminium, affording at the same time exceptional strength and lightneas, a pair weighiog ouly 24 ounces. Alumiuium articles for the toilet are now made in great variety, among other things combs, razor handlea and bairpins. Pens made of an aluminium alloy, it is claimed, write easily and do not rust. A company has pnt on the market aluminium guitars, banjos, mandolins and lutinas. The instrumenta are made out of one piece of sheet alnminium pressed into shape. They are satin flnished, and not only make a beautiful looking instrument, but giva a rich tone.


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