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The word "capitalist" ia eimply another word for the man who saves and who flnds out what the pobliowill bny. This faculfcy for saving and for flnding out what the public wants is a rare faculty. It ia so rare that I believe reliable statistics prove that 95 per oent of men in business - that is, of men who employ otbers - fail. They f ail through their incapacity or want of diligence. Only an infinitesimally small number of them aobieve fortune. They may be called the explorers of the race. We profit by their errors. For one who invents a sewing machine or a telephone 10,000 lapse into poverty. Nothing requirea a more delicate combination of qualities than the creation and conduct of a great business. The conditions of euocess are often too minute for obeerTation. The life is full of terrible : íeties, especially ia what is called "hard times," when money is difnoult tO get The peualty of failure ia tremendous, and yet the number of us who are ready to teil the capitalist how ti cyry on bis business, how to pay his m)D, whom to employ, and on what teims, is very large. If those who eau carc-y on business themselves were only one-thonandth part as numerous as those who oan teil how it ought to bc carried on by others, the happinfra of man


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