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Judge Newkirk's Borneo Egg Plant

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Probate Judge Newkirk, of Ann Arbor, is so stock ou potted plants tbat he bas balf filled his office witb tbema Soma time ago a wag, knowing bis weakness for rare botanical products, iook a beef's heart, painted it plum oolur, gave it a coat of varnish and balf sinking it in muuk in a flower pot, presented it to tbe judge as a specimen of the royal egg plant of Boineo. The judge delnged the rascal with thanks, and proudly added the "oriental treasure" to bis oherished office vegetation. Por a nurnber of days thereafter he would cali in his friends and point ont to them the peculiarities of this pet product of the Indies, while joy lay down and wallowed in his very soul. Bat auou tbere oame a perfume that disturbad that tribunal. Ic was not the odor of the blasbing rose, nor sweet incensé frorn tbe fairy chalices of the murniug glory; nor was it breath of belitrope, nor exhalations from the cbaste censers of the byacinth or panBey. Bot it came, tbat srnell, self assertive and saucy. The puzzled conrt walked arnung his blooming pets, bonding tbis way and that, ouriously snuffing tbe ambient air, until flually he bought up beside tbe royal egg plant of Borneo. He paused, he snift'ed, he suifïed, again, be sniffed thrice, bis iace grew dark, hè partially uprooted tüeodorous mass, While a seismio distnrbance passed through his noble frame from soutbeast to northeast, rattling ithe flfty cent dollars in bis pocket and shaking op his pugnacity. Then the ! flower pot and the royal egg plant of Borneo were pickfd up hurriedly and carried out and pitched into the alley !


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