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The Dexter "ananias Club."

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' .A snggestion was made the other night at a certaiu "hang out" for congjuial spirits, who pass the time in bnrning the propcietor's tobáceo and ewapping "spell-binders, " that it is a sbama to have so rnany edifying narratives going to waste, and that it is a daty to nnborn posterity to have a record of the amazing feats of their anees,tors kept. For this pnrpose it is proyosed that a club be organizad with the regular oflicers, who are to see that the work is properly done. While it is an axiom that the stories told are always trae, iu order that no misconcepti n may be placed upon the motives of the ruembers, it will probably be called ''The Anaoias Club " The offiuers will be president, SHcretary and treasurer, aurl all who may subscribe to the constitation and bylaws may be can didates under the followiug conditions: At the first meeting, which will be called soon, the member who can teil the biggest flsh story will be entitled to the presidenoy until such time as his story shall be surpassed. The member telling the biggest soake story will have the secretarysbip ; tlie one relating the most startling incident of a miscellaneous uature, the treasurer. Both these offioes will be governed by the above conditioD. A committee oí four will aot as judges.-


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