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Real Estate Transfers

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Margaret Salsbury to E. Salsbnry et al., York, $1,600. James Ryan et al. to John Ryan, Arm Arbor, $300. Chiirles Tbom, by heirg, to Thomas J. Thoru, Manchester, $1,200. Frederick Burkhardt to John A. Miller, Manchester, $254.70. F. Holmes Brown and wife to Snsan Dovr, Ann Albor, f2,500. Snsan Dorr to Frederick G. Scbleioher, Aun Arbor, $2,500. Zina D. Buck and wife to Mary Snrridge, Ypsilanti, $875. A. T. Hughes to S. E. Hughes, Soio, $80. John Biting and wife to Philip Eiting, Ann Arbor, $1,100. George Barthel and wife to Lizzie Barthel, Chelsea, $1. Robert Brown to Mary Brown, York, $400. Eddie B. Hammond and wife to Charles C. Millor, Chelaea, $1. Charles C. Miller to Eddie B. and Fannie A. Hammond, Chelsea, $1. Newell B. Perkius and wife to Tracy L. Towner, Ypsilauti, $1. Tracy L. Towuer to Newell B. Perkins and wife, Ypsilanci, $1. Robert G. Barues aud wife to Traoy L. Towuer, Ypsilanti, $1. Tracy L. Towner to Robert G. Barnes and wife, Superior, $1. Paul Warboy to John S. Vndder et al., Augusta, $15. Margaret Warboy et al. to John S. Vedderetal., Augusta, $25. John Herrgau aud VV. Meyer to William Meyer, Sharon, $1. John V. and W. Sheehan to Peninsnlar Savings Bank, Ann Arboi. $1. James M. Chidister and wife to Mary Geddes Armstrong, Ypsilanti, $600. Prosper Fullington et al. to Henry Clare, Ypsilanti, $3,350. William J. Gray et al. to Harmon S. Holmes, Sylvan, $200. Martha J. Gray to Harmon S. Holmes, Sylvan, $1,100. Ellen J. Holmes et al. to Ida R. Holmes, Nortbfield, $1. Ellen J. Holmes et al. to Isabelle Bunn, Superior, $1. Laura K. Queal to Susan Wilson, ├╝exter, $750. Henry M. Avery, by administrator, to Cbester W. Rose, Augusta, $275. Wm. K. Anderson et al. to the Zeta Psi Association, Ann Arbor, $1. Adam Kress, by admiuistrator to John Kress, Bridgewater. Jobn Kress and wife to John Reno, Freedom, $210.