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Full delegations from every ward and township in the connty were present at the court house yesterday to attend the democratie county oonventiou, called far the purpose of nominating candidate for tbe office of oounty school commissioner and to elect 23 delegates to the state convention to be held at Grand Rapids.Jnext Wednesday. The conventiou was djstinotively silver democratie in its sentiraents and was very enthusiastic about it as well.' In the speech made just before the convention adjourned the gold democrats were given to understand that so iar as tbat convention was oonoerned, they were welcoine to stay in the repnb[ican party, witb whoru they had voted at the fall eleotiou. The speakers were heartily cheered for the sentiments they enunciated. Tbe convention was called to'getber shortly af ter 11 o'clock by M. J. Cavanaugh, chairman of the oounty cornmittee, who stated the ob eot of the meeting aud theu called Willis L. Watkins, of Manchester, to the chair as temporary chairman. Nelson E. Freer, of Sylvan, was ohosen as secretary, and M. B. Perkius, of Ypsilanti, and John L. Duffy, of Anu Arbor, as tellers. On motion to that effect Cbairman "Watkins appointed the following comrnittees: On Oredentials - John Gillen, Saline; Byron C. Whittaker, Soio; Patrick S. Parteil, Northfleld. On Permanent Organization and Order of Business - E. M. Colé, Superior; A. G. Mclntyre, York; M. Brenner, Ann Arbor. On Resolutious - Charles A. Ward, Ann Arbnr; Micbael Sage, Lodi ; E. Oesterlin, Anu Arbor. The conventioii then adjourced autil 1 :30 p. va., when it igain assembled. The report of the committee on permanent organizatiou and ordei of business was flrst raad aud adopted. One of its provisious was that the temporary organization be made permanent. Mr. Watkins thanked the convention for the honor it had done hini in making him the cbairmau of a silver oonvention. Prior to the Chicago convention last year, it had given him a tired feeliug to be oalled a democrat, but all that was uow changed, and he looked for ward to the campaign of 1900 as oue that would see the silver cause triumphant. He spoke of the good features in the Chicago platform and advised silver men to subscribe for and support newspapers that advooated free silver doctrines, and when they had fmisbed reading thein to hand them to their neighbors to read. Tbe report of the committee on ciedeutials was then read and adopted. It showei that each ward and township was fuily represented and tbat there was no oontests. The offleers of the conventiou were then sworn. W. L. Watkins was nominated for delégate at large to the state convention aud unauimously eleoted. The couvention uextdivided into distriots aud on reassembling as a whole again the following delegates to tbe state oonvention were declared the choice of the convention. First district - Jas. S Gorman, Cbelsea; R. C. Reeves, Dexter; John Koch, Wm. H. Mclntyre, Ambrose Kearney, Eagene Oesterlin, D. Crarner, Ann Arbor; Natban Sutton, Northfield ; Dan Quish, Soio; Robert Martin, Superior; C. W. Maroney, Lima. Seoond district - M. T. Woodruff, il. B. Perkins, Wm. Smitb, John P. Kirk. Traoy L. Towner, Ypsilauti; Ira C. Wood, George Mann, Lodi; Daniel Throop, York; Herman Reyer, Pittsfield ; Walter Voorheis, Saperior. Russell C. Reeves, of Dexter, in a short but well worded speeoh, in which he spoke most highly of the qnalifications of bis candidate, nominated Pof. A. B. DeWitt, principal of tbe Dexter school, as the candidato of the silver democratie party for the offioe of commissioner of schools of Washtenaw couuty. Hiran Lifrhthall seconded the nomination on bebalf of Sylvau and Lyndon, and F. E. Mills on behalf of Pittsfield. On motion of Tracy L. Towuer, the rules were suspended and the tellers were instrocted to cast the ballott of tbe convention for Mr. DeWitt, wbicb was unanimously carried. There was some talk indulged in as to Mr. DeWitt's position on the politica] questiou, when R. C. Reeves said : I "Mr. DeWitt is not an eutbusiastio poI liticiau, but if auy stiuking goldbup I repnblioan got after him dnriug the I late campaign, he made life miserable I for him." Another delégate suggested that as Mr. DeWitt was present he should I speak for himself On being introduced I to the eouventioQ. Mr. DeWitt briefly thanked the convention for the honor it had 'Tone him, and promised if hu was elected ha wonld give to the office the care that it so rnncb needed, and wonld devote bis whole time to it The report of the committee ou resolutions on being read was unanirnously adopted. It was as follows: "Whereas, the dominant political party has secnred control of the goverument npnn tbe trength of a promise to briug about a revival of business through the agenoy of the gold Standard and a high tariff; theiefore be it "Resolved, that the demócrata of Washtenaw connty, in oonventiou as sembled, that we as good and loyal citizens of the United States, do most earnestly hope that the republioan party may be able to fnlfill its coütraot and bring the promised peace and prosperity to the people of this oountry; but until those promises are fulfilled, we shall continue to nphold the great principies of jnstice and humauity declared in the Chicago platfurru of 1896, to be the ooly solution of the diffioulties that now beset the American people." Brief speeches were made by Densmore Crarner and Capt Charles H. Manly, after which the conveutinn adionrned.


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